Matilda – In Foster

Matilda was bought by our volunteers when one saw her advert online. They tried to reason with the owners about gifting her to charity but they just weren’t interested, just wanted money. She is 3 had various litters her last one 5 weeks ago and they died through owners inexperience. We took her straight to the vet as she has a discharge.

She has a infection in her uterus with a build up of fluid from her pregnancy, she has entropion in her eye and potentially luxating Patella. She’s underweight has sores, missing fur and a very baggy under carriage. She’s had 6 injections and has some antibiotics to clear her infection then is back next week for a better look at her other ailments.

So she’s served her purpose she’s finished with and sold. People actually make me sick . Well done to our volunteers who bought her collected her and to Vicky Hill for fostering her. Welcome to GB Matilda your new life starts here.