Hope – In Foster

We would really love to introduce you to our gorgeous new girl… we see a lot in rescue and some stories really turn your stomach and make you want to scream. This beautiful little lady is one of those.

Yesterday we were alerted to an advert on a selling site by one of our lovely volunteers. The dog wasn’t spayed and was being sold for a 100 pounds. Apparently she’d been “rescued” 2 to 3 weeks ago from living in a shed and was due into season they felt as the resident dogs were fighting over her. She had a litter previously but we are unsure of when. She is only 2.

We contacted them as a rescue and initially they responded… then they ignored calls and messages so we asked a friend to contact. They responded immediately they wanted their 100 quid! You will all know that we don’t buy dogs and they have to be gifted. This was a desperate situation and this girl was in danger, so 2 of our volunteers decided to buy her (unbeknownst to the trustees) and gift her to the charity. A friend managed to secure her and kindly went to get her! The story was dodgy and the gentleman didn’t even know her name when asked! He grabbed his money and checked it and left… that was all she was worth to him.. 100 pounds! 

She was safe that’s all that matters!

She is being fostered by the wonderful Bekki Johnson and her son. She isn’t in a great state and has visited the vets today. She has eye ulcers, inverted eyelids, cherry eye, she may need boas surgery too as her breathing isn’t great. She has been vaccinated, flead and wormed. She will also need spaying.

To say what she has been through she is just lovely and her nature shines through. She loves kids and couldn’t hurt a flea… her trust in humans thankfully isn’t completely broken. She will now have some TLC and will be having a bath tonight as she smells terrible and you can tell she has been kept all her life in a shed. She has accidents in the house as she isn’t used to being in there but we will patiently work on this. She needs kindness, love and attention and she will get that in abundance we love her so much already!

So can we ask you to welcome Hope… we named her because she now has hope and never again will she be abused, mistreated or have babies.. all of that is over…

Welcome to GBSR baby girl.. your new life starts right now Hope