Hunter- In Foster – North West

Please Give a Warm Welcome to the beautiful Little Hunter

Hunter is a 6month old entire male.

We received an add from one of our volunteers alerting us to poor little Hunter being given away. With him being so young we worried what would happen to him so contacted his owner.

His owner had him for less than 48hours and put him up for rehoming almost as soon as they got him. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first home to send him away it is his fifth.

Hunter was very reactive to the lady’s male, and she felt she couldn’t try and work through it so did the best thing for him and surrendered him to us, she couldn’t bear the thought of him being passed around any further.

Hunter will be seeing our vet as he has a terribly upset tummy and a few bald patch’s that we want to get checked out.

This also means that Hunter came with nothing, but his name and we have told him all about our incredible GBSR family that will want to shower him with the love he so desperately needs. We created this little one an amazon wish list that our GBSR family kindly bought for him, to show this little boy just what love is.

Huge thank you to Sarah for jumping into action and collecting Hunter until foster dad Wayne could collect him.

Hunter is now in foster with Wayne, GBSR Bleu-bell and not forgetting the fabulous Babs the pug in the North West.

Welcome to your GBSR family little one we cannot wait to see how your story unfolds.

Hunter is in foster so please do not apply to adopt him.

If you wish to follow #Hunter’s journey, please pop along to our page and join our community group.

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