Kiki – Now Adopted!

Kiki is home!

Not every GBSR dogs story can go smoothly, Like our Kiki.

Kiki’s first adoption failed which broke our hearts but we brought her back into our care with her new foster family.

And the family started to prepare KiKi for adoption, but this has been another fail, however not one we don’t celebrate!

We are thrilled to tell you Kiki was already home We just didn’t know it,

Kiki had already adopted her foster family, Angela, John and Hayden.

Kiki has a very quirky nature that Angela and her family understand. They love her for who she is and as she had already been returned to us we were thrilled when Angela asked if they could adopt her. They all absolutely love her for who she is, so how could we say no.

She is beginning to realise not to ruffle the resident cockerel’s feathers, otherwise he does his funky dance with her, As for her and the cat becoming friends, well that remains to be seen.

Huge congratulations to Angela, John and Hayden on your gorgeous little kooky Princess!

To Kiki have the most wonderful life with your forever family We really look forward to watching all your new adventures unfold!

A little about Kiki’s story,

Kiki is a happy little girl who is playful and happy and loves to destroy her soft toys. She is generally relaxed, but she can be anxious when confronted with fast movements and loud noises.

She is fine with other dogs both in a and out of the home but not particularly playful with them. She can follow commands and happy to have her nose rope and face cleaned once a day.

Dogs name: Kiki

Age:  5 Years 4 months

Can live with children: Yes aged 12 years and over

Can live with dogs: Yes

Can live with cats:  No and probably no other furries

Current location:  Milton Keynes, Bucks

Things to be aware of: 

Kiki is a boundary pusher and given half an inch she will take a mile so it’s very important that her new owners start how they mean to go on when it comes to rules and boundaries with her.

She has a habit of snatching food from the hand of anyone that has something. Her foster family are working on this but it’s a habit that is going to take time to stop.

The ideal home: 

Kiki needs a calm and relaxed home, so she doesn’t reach high levels of anxiety. A hectic busy household wont work for her. She needs a garden to mooch about in and a calm place for napping which she loves doing.

Children in the home will need to be aged 12 years and over and any child under that age will need to be supervised.

Kiki is fine with dogs so she will happily be rehomed with a canine companion.

Other comments: 

Kiki came back into foster after her behaviour became more boisterous and unpredictable. She cannot deal with the movements and noises that young children make as this makes her very anxious.

Ideally, she will find a child free home or one where the children are older and understand her limitations.

She will also need routine and a firm hand when it comes to boundaries. She has responded well in foster to both, so she will need the same in her new home, in return she will make a lovely family pet.