Lenny – Sadly crossed the Rainbow Bridge!

Lenny sadly crossed the Rainbow Bridge 03/09/2021

It’s with great sadness that we learned that Lenny has left for Rainbow Bridge

He was a lovely boy, but age finally caught up with him and when the angels whispered in his ear, he knew it was time to leave his tired body behind and feel the wind in his fur once again.

Condolences to his family Lucy & Jay

Run like the free spirit you are Lenny until we all meet again.


A little of Lenny’s story below,

Lenny joined his forever family, who were absolutely besotted with him within moments of meeting him!

Many thanks to Lucy Stephens and Jay Stephens for giving the lovely Lenny a home and the forever family this wonderful boy deserves.  

Thank you to Alex Lucas and Kane Lucas for fostering Lenny and loving him dearly

Enjoy your new life Lenny.


Lenny is a 7 year old entire male, he was gifted to us due to a family break up .

Lenny has a few medical issues. He is a little underweight, he has sore paws and very long nails. He has a bulge around his bottom and has had constant diarrhoea since arriving. His ears are also sore. So he will be seen by our vet asap.

In the meantime his TLC will begin by his new Foster family.

He’s being fostered by Alex Lucas and Kane Lucas. He will be visiting our vet tomorrow to address his medical needs.

Well to Geordie Bullies Lenny your SprinGBoard journey awaits you!


Name:  Lenny

Age:  7 Years

Weight:  25.5 kg

Current Location:  Leicestershire

Neutered: Yes

Type of Home Required:  Lenny has only recently arrived with Geordie Bullies so his needs and temperament are still being assessed in his foster home.

Lenny’s Personality: When we’ve got to know Lenny better we will update his details, he is not yet ready for adoption.