Maddie – Now Adopted!

If you would like to apply for Maddie, please follow the link at the bottom of the page and complete the application form but before you do that, please read the adoption statement.

Name: Maddie

Age: 4

Can live with children: Yes, over 12

Can live with dogs: No

Can live with cats: Untested

Current Location: Midlands

Maddie is a complex little dog who prefers being in a calm home environment. She is very loving and adores cuddles, belly rubs and strokes, and she is very bright and eager to please. Maddie loves her walks and whilst she displays anxiety when she sees her lead, she soon settles down once she is out. She loves routine, new experiences can make her anxious. She doesn’t like to play rough and prefers to lay down with a chew or snuggle into her teddy.

Things to be Aware of:
Maddie prefers all the love and attention to herself, she doesn’t like sharing and because of this, she will need to be an ‘only dog’

Because of her anxiety, Maddie will grab at the lead when you first put it on. Her mum has tried hard to break this habit and there has been progress, but ongoing training is required

The Ideal Family:
Maddie loves a calm environment where she can potter around and, play and sleep. She is quite an anxious girl but responds well to routine. She will be happy with someone around for company and cuddles for most of the day but she can be left for up to 4 hours.

Other comments:
Maddie is a very loving and quirky girl. She is happy and calm being at home, but she finds new places quite stressful. She can become stressed in the car so her new home can’t be more than 2 hours from her current location.

If you have any questions, please ask Ana Marie Aloy, Maddies mum.

Maddies adoption fee is £350 and will need to be paid in full prior to her going home which will also be subject to a home check.

If you feel you can offer the perfect home to Maddie then please complete our application form via the link below

Please note, if you don’t meet Maddies criteria you won’t be considered to adopt her.

Name: Maddie

Age: 3 Years

Weight: 20kg

Current Location: Berkshire

Spayed: Yes

Type of Home Required: Maddie is looking for a quiet home, she could possibly live with children aged 12 years + following a successful introduction. She could live with another MALE dog only.

Maddie’s Personality: Maddie aka ‘the pocket rocket’ is a very loving little girl. Maddie can be possessive over attention and toys and likes to be the centre of attention. Maddie finds new situations stressful and this is something her foster family have worked hard on.

Things to be Aware of: Maddie will need a bulldog savvy family, she could live with another MALE dog only, however, she does have the potential to bring out her jealous side with toys and food! Maddie likes the ide of getting into to the car but she is an anxious traveller, for this reason her adopter will need to live within 3 hours of her foster home in Berkshire.

Maddie has a sensitive stomach, her foster family have found a diet which suits her so this will need to continue in her forever home.

The Ideal Family: Maddie needs a quiet home with no other dogs or a male dog only. She loves her soft toys and cuddles but she doesn’t enjoy new situations and she isn’t a fan of walking so a quiet home would be perfect for her. Maddie can be left for up to 4 hours but she is partial to a shoe!