Lenny – Now Adopted!

We are so happy to be able to announce that our gorgeous Lenny has found his way home!!

Lenny was picked up on Wednesday by his new slaves Sabina and Ricky.

Lenny also has two new siblings, Winston and Matilda. They are all getting on great, enjoying lovely walks and snuggling down together.

As you can see Lenny is settling in beautifully, keep up the good work gorgeous boy!!

We would like to say a big thank you to Becky and her family for opening her heart and her home to Lenny. You have done amazing prepared him for his forever home and we will be forever thankful!

So will you all please join us in congratulating Lenny and his new family, we wish you many happy years together, causing mischief and making memories!!


Previous adoption statement. 

Dogs name:



9 months old.

Current location:

Thame, Oxfordshire.



Yes, dog savvy.




Yes, laid-back & playful dogs.



Lenny is a typical energetic, inquisitive, and affectionate bulldog puppy.

He is extremely affectionate towards his humans and will seek out cuddles and attention.

Lenny is a lot of fun to play with and absolutely adores children, balls, and anything he can run around with.


Lenny is doing very well learning his big boy manners, he has mastered sit and paw, but leave is still a work in progress. He is very reluctant to give up a toy or let you take it off him.

Lenny may try and take food or treats from little ones, but this is due to his age he holds no malice and continued training will put an end to this.

Lenny is a typical puppy and can get very excited and then can jump up and start mouthing your hands and arms and the majority of attention means he wants to play.

Lenny will happily shower and be groomed everywhere put his paws, again this can be worked on, or regular walks will prevent the need for regular claw clippings.


Lenny would suit an active family, who will keep him involved with all that is daily family life.

He is still a young pup and can be very excitable so he needs a patient family who can commit to his training and provide him boundaries.

Lenny is such a high energy playful boy; he would benefit from having a calm and laid-back dog in the home. Any female dog in the home must be neutered as Lenny is still too young to be neutered.

A garden is a must as this boy loves to play with balls and enjoys the outdoors.


Lenny absolutely loves his walks; he walks lovely on the lead and will stay beside you.

However, Lenny is inquisitive and eager to meet other people and dogs and he will initiate play. Lenny’s recall is non-existent when in company he is too busy making new friends.

Toilet trained:

Yes, Lenny is a very good boy.

Can be left:

Lenny will settle happily in his bed, with access to his toys and water. Because of this Lenny could be left up to 4 hours on occasion.


Lenny is a good boy in the car, he will sit well in the back seat using a seatbelt restraint. Because of this we will accept applications of up to 4 hours away from his current location.

We recommend using a seatbelt restraint or travel crate whenever transporting any dog(s).

Things to be aware of:

Lenny will be neutered at around 18months old (December 2024), and as such he will be going home on a “to be neutered” contract which will be undertaken at a vet of our choice with costs covered by the charity.

Lenny will not be rehomed with any entire dogs at all male or female.

Lenny will need ongoing training to make sure he reaches his full potential.

Sometimes Lenny is excited to play but doesn’t realise his size, any young children in the home must be supervised, as he has the potential to jump and knock children over.

Children must understand that bulldogs need time to settle in and have space to rest peacefully and uninterrupted.

Additional information:

Lenny has stolen the hearts of all the team at GBSR, his cheeky and playful nature will provide the most amazing memories over the years to come.

Lenny will make the best addition to any family ready and able to put in the time he needs. He is one of those dogs that will give back 10x what is put in.

A little of Lenny’s story below,

Please welcome the very handsome Lenny!!

Lenny is an 8month old entire male.

We were contacted my Lenny’s owner who had only had him for 10days. Lenny appeared to have some kind of seizure and when she contacted who she got him from they had no time nor any intention of taking him back nor helping.

Lenny is a beast of a boy in size and super energetic and playful. A real cheeky puppy in a full grown bulldog body!

We will of course be getting Lenny into our vets so we can figure out what is going on and keeping a close eye on him for any futher seizures and other concerns. But let’s hope nothing more happens and we can get this beautiful boy onto his forever home journey as soon as possible.

Lenny is in foster with Becky Fitzpatrick and her family in the South East and he’s loving having the little ones to play with.

Welcome to your first foster journey Becky, and welcome to your GBSR family Lenny we can’t wait to watch your adventures ahead….

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