Lola & Boris – Now adopted

Boris is a clever and very active lad who is interested in everything and gets into everything..!!. He is fun loving and will splash about in the doggy pool and has been described by his foster mum as like a human child. He is a strong young boy and like to rough play with his mum Lola.

He adores his walks and meeting other dogs and will stop people just so they can pet him.

Lola, is mum to Boris and is much quieter than he is. She prefers to sleep with the odd plod around the house and garden. Lola is a girl who likes her own space.

Lola has taken a little bit longer to come out of her shell, but she is starting to enjoy attention from her foster family and she is very affectionate to Boris.

She is a friendly girl with other dogs and people outside the home, but she doesn’t like to walk very far.

Dogs name:  Lola & Boris

Age:  Lola is 4 years old & Boris is 1 year 7 months & Deaf

Can live with children:  Yes

Can live with dogs: Yes – NO ENTIRE MALE OR FEMALE DOGS

Can live with cats:  Untested

Current location:  Newcastle upon Tyne

Things to be aware of: 

Boris is deaf and has limited eyesight. None of this holds him back, He understands hand signs and is doing very well with these. Boris will play with his mother Lola but cannot hear her warning when she has had enough so playtime is kept short by the foster family.

Boris also has limited sight and will chase shadows. His foster family don’t take him out walking when its dark as there are more shadows and this really unnerves him, so daylight only walking for Boris.

Guidance on hand signals will be provided to Boris’ new family by his foster mum.

Lola has cherry eye and is being rehomed as entire as she has recently finished her season. We will organise the spay and cherry eye operation at a Vets of our choosing, paid for by the charity, a few weeks after she has been rehomed.

Lola came into foster being toy possessive but her foster family have worked on this, and she is much better with sharing her toys.

The ideal home: 

We are looking for a home where this lovely pair will not be left alone for long periods, so their new family needs to be around for a good part of the day.

Children will need to be old enough to understand Boris is deaf with limited sight.

They will need a home with a garden as Boris loves being outside.

Other comments: 

This bonded pair are absolutely adorable and will be the complete Bulldog package for any family.

They both travel well so we will be looking for a new home up to 4 hours from their current location in the Northeast.

Lola & Boris’ adoption donation fee is £850 and will need to be paid in full prior to them going home which will also be subject to a home check.


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