Lola – In Foster – South East

Please welcome the lovey little miss Lola to our GBSR family!!

Lola is a 5-year-old entire female and what a beautiful girl she is.

One of our Admin contacted Lola’s family after we were alerted to her advert.
Lola was on sale for a very low amount because the ad requires you to put an amount, but her families only concern was for Lola’s welfare and ensuring she finds the right home.

Unfortunately, Lola’s owners are not in the best health, her owner has recently had a stroke and was unable to walk her anymore and Lola had become a bit of a trip hazard.

A huge thank you to Mandy and Ndia for road training Lola to her foster family, we appreciate how quickly you came forward to ensure Lola had the safest journey especially during this heat.

The lovely Lola is in foster with Patricia and her family in the South East and not forgetting the very important King George and Queen Tallulah who have made sure to give Lola a royal welcome to the GBSR family.

Lola will be seeing the vet tomorrow as she isn’t feeling to well and has vomited this morning.

When Lola is ready for her forever home her adoption Poster will be shared, so please keep your eyes peeled for more of Lola’s updates on our rescue group.

Welcome to your GBSR family Lola, your new life starts here, and we will do everything possible to find you your happily ever after 

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