Lottie – In Foster

Welcome Lottie

Lottie is a 5 and a half year old entire bitch. We were contacted by her owner for help. Lottie is the mother to Tinkerbell who we have also taken into foster.

We were very shocked by the state of Lottie when we collected her yesterday.

Lottie has a multitude of wounds to her legs and body , many look infected and one in particular looks like it will need further treatment . This has been caused by Tinkerbell as they have been fighting and by the look of her it’s been relentless.

Lottie also has other medical issues. Her eyes are sore, she has hyper keratosis on her feet, her ear is torn and she may have a urine infection. She is also in season. Lottie has been bred from as she’s Tinkerbell’s mum.

We will be taking her to our vets in the morning to treat her wounds and ailments.

Lottie is now in foster with Jayne May and her family. She has settled in beautifully and is loving getting to know her foster family. She is proving to be a complete sweetheart and despite her poor state, she is so loving and trusting. She has literally broken our hearts today.

Welcome to GBSR UK Lottie! We cannot wait to share your journey with you.