Bella & Mr Beefy – Now Adopted

Bella and Mr Beefy

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Bella and Mr Beefy have found their special furever home with Jane Donnelly and Barry Snell and their family.

This gorgeous pair settled in well.

They have thoroughly investigated their new home!

No surprise that they are enjoying endless snuggles and Bella in particular is proving to be a daddy’s girl, Mr Beefy? Well he’s as chilled as ever and slept like a rock.

So to Jane, Barry and their family we wish you a happy furever home from all of us at Geordie Bullies and to our lovely pair Bella and Mr Beefy, be good and enjoy your new adventures! We cannot wait to see your posts.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Alison Gracey and Scott Gracey for a fabulous foster we are so grateful.

A little of Bella and Mr Beefy’s story below,

Bella and Mr Beefy are described by their foster family as a gorgeous pair who are strongly bonded.
Bella is high energy and very protective of Beefy and Beefy, on the other hand, is a laid back gentle giant and at 40kgs a giant describes him well!!!!
Bella and Mr Beefy enjoy walking very much and both wear harnesses when going out. They walk well both on and off lead though Bella can pull a little on lead. Generally they have good recall and stay fairly close but if they do see another dog they can charge.
Beefy likes to give a friendly sniff but Bella is more pushy and is protective of Beefy so awareness must be shown.
Both Bella and Mr Beefy can follow basic commands such sit and leave but Bella can become impatient and can try help herself to treats!!!
Both dogs love toys to play with and play nicely together but Bella can be quite destructive and will chew until the toys are well and truly destroyed!
Bella can tease Beefy and remove his toys and he will quite happily let her for a peaceful life!
Both Bella and Beefy dislike baths and cleaning routines but they love being brushed. Both dogs enjoy attention and human snuggles but they can be competitive for attention and will push to get their fair share.
Dogs name: Bella and Mr Beefy
Age: Bella is 2 and Mr Beefy is 4
Can live with children: Yes
Can live with dogs: No
Can live with cats: Yes
Current location: Glenrothes, Scotland.
Things to be aware of:
This gorgeous pair are adorable and well bonded but with that comes a few issues.
Bella is very over protective of Mr Beefy and she can be dominant over him and any dogs who approach him. She will try to overpower another dog and can snap if allowed. This will require continued training and boundaries to ensure Bella knows this isn’t acceptable.
Mr Beefy is a big gentle fellow but is in need of losing some weight to ensure his health in the future so he is having his food restricted and this will need to continue.
He also needs continued gentle exercise to aid his weight loss.
Typical of a lot of bulldogs Mr Beefy is not a fab of loud noises and neither dog really likes the vacuum cleaner, mop or rake.
The ideal home:
Bella and Mr Beefy are going to make a fantastic addition to any family. They are lovely dogs with a strong connection whom crave routine. They have previously lived with young children with no issues at all.
Bella and Mr Beefy have lived with a dog in foster but due to Bella being quite overprotective we feel it would be better to home them as a pair with no other dogs in the home.
Bella and Mr beefy love their walks so an active family who show awareness of Mr Beefy needing time lose weight.
Other comments:
This pair have been a pleasure in foster and will make a fantastic addition to any family.
They do not need crating and are currently left in the kitchen overnight or if out.
Bella is spayed and Mr Beefy is neutered.