Luna – In Foster – North East

Welcome Luna 

Luna is a 7 year old unspayed bitch.
We were contacted by a lady who had rescued Luna a year ago she was crated 24/7 and used as a breeding machine.
Unfortunately Luna and the other bitch in the home kept fighting and it was becoming increasingly more frequent as the days went on. The lady has worked really well with Luna and she’s come on no end since being with her but she knew things couldn’t continue the way they were so she made the heart breaking decision to rehome Luna.

No judgement please this hasn’t been an easy decision

Luna is now in foster with Samantha Ives and family. She is settling well.
She will be visiting our vet soon to have a check up.

Luna will need a period of assessment to determine what kind of forever home he will require.

Please do not contact us regarding rehoming Lun yet as she is new to foster.

Welcome to GBSR Luna! We cannot wait to share your journey.