Mollie – Now Adopted!

Mollie has found her dream home!

We are super excited to tell you our beautiful Miss Mollie Moo is home and never moved anywhere!

Mollie has been in foster with Julie Armstrong and her family. This gorgeous girlie settled really well in foster with Julie and Craig, in fact Craig had fallen head over heels with his foster girl. We have really struggled to find this deserving girl her forever home, so when Julie and Craig asked if their family could adopt her, we were absolutely thrilled.

Julie and Craig both have a whole lot of love in their hearts to give after very tragically loosing, their baby girl Bon Bon only a few months ago. Mollie is helping them to heal just as they are her. Sometimes no matter how hard we look for a perfect home for our dogs, the reason we can’t find them is because they’ve been home all along!

Massive congratulations to you all on your beautiful girl, this has been meant to be from the start.

Miss Mollie, have the most wonderful life full of happiness, joy and love sweetheart. We cannot wait to share all your new adventures with you!

A little of Mollie’s story below,

Mollie is a wonderfully loving energetic and playful bulldog. Who absolutely loves her humans and having them all to herself and has no problem telling you she wants affection and attention, by pawing and giving you a little bark.

Mollie loves a good toy, but hasn’t yet mastered the “leave” command, she is a strong young female, and can be boisterous in play.

She is a typical stubborn young lady, who needs firm boundaries in the home. Mollie absolutely loves a walk and exploring but she can be reactive towards young dogs in her space. Mollie can be nervous of loud and sudden noise in the home and needs a safe space for her to escape to.

Dogs name: Mollie

Age: 4 Years old.

Can live with children: Dog savvy.

Can live with dogs: No needs to be only dog

Can live with cats: Untested.

Current location: Stranraer, Scotland. 

Things to be aware of: 

Mollie needs to be an only dog in her home, she doesn’t cope well and can be reactive to dogs in her space.

Mollie can be reactive to young dogs who approach her, being in her face. She can be boisterous during play and doesn’t realise her size so any young children must be supervised around her as she has the potential to knock them over unintentionally.

Any children in the home need to understand Mollies needs, of uninterrupted rest and quiet, and that her space is her own. Her foster family have worked hard building boundaries with Mollie and this training must continue in her new home for her to thrive.

The ideal home: 

Mollie needs an active family home, where she gets to enjoy long walks and being included in daily family life. A family who will continue the fosters hard work with her training. Preferably with bulldog savvy people, who can support and supervise young children as they learn about Mollie and her needs.

She needs a family that can be firm and give her the boundaries she needs to grow and mature, while giving her the love and adoration she deserves.

Other comments: 

Mollie is a fantastic young girl, who has absolutely loved being the centre of attention with her foster family. She has become a fast favourite for all of us here at GBSR and have enjoyed watching her journey with the amazing foster family she has.

Mollie deserves the world, and we won’t stop until we find her perfect happily ever after.