Muffin – Now adopted

No applications until she has finished her assessment please

Welcome Muffin

Muffin is a 6 month old entire bitch. We were contacted by her family for help. Muffin was extremely poorly at the age of 14 weeks old when she had a microchip done and shortly after she lost the use of her back legs, although the vets are saying there’s no connection. The treating vets aren’t completely sure what happened but she was found to have inflammation of the meninges which is the tissue surrounding the spinal code and brain. She was in hospital 10 days and when she came home she still wasn’t able to properly use her back legs.

Muffin is very wobbly and though she can stand for short amounts of time she collapses, she also isn’t toilet trained.

The family’s circumstances had changed and their hours of work were longer. They felt they could not offer Muffin all of the care required. This was a very difficult decision for the family to make and only had Muffin’s best interests at heart.

Muffin is now in foster with Helen Lerski and her family. She has settled in beautifully and is loving getting to know her foster foster family. She is proving to be a complete sweetheart and is superglued to Helen’s hip already!

Muffin will need further investigation by our vets. She is on a strict diet as she’s a little but over weight due to the steroids she’s been on and this won’t be helping her legs.

Muffin will need a period of assessment to determine what kind of forever home she will require.

Welcome to GBSR UK Muffin! We cannot wait to share your journey