Myrtle – Sadly now at Rainbow Bridge

Late yesterday we had a very poorly 20-week-old puppy called Myrtle come into foster with Heather Hew.
We knew from the owners that Myrtle needed BOAS surgery, but we were shocked at how poorly this little puppy was. She was very subdued and was very heavily congested and we suspected Aspiration Pneumonia.
Heather slept on the sofa last night so she could keep a close eye on her and took her straight to our vets this morning for x rays.
This little girl isn’t well at all. She has double Aspiration Pneumonia and a Hypo-plastic Trachea, which occurs when there is a growth abnormality of the cartilage rings along the airway which causes it to be narrowed.
Sometimes dogs can grow out of this condition but for little Myrtle we don’t have the luxury of time.
Myrtle has been allowed to come home with high doses of antibiotics to try and get the infection under control before her BOAS surgery on Friday.
We have been advised that she will almost certainly die sooner rather than later without surgery but also that surgery carries its own risk and if she collapses during surgery we will let the angels take her.
BUT at this time we are staying positive that she responds to the antibiotics and is strong enough for surgery.
The surgery is going to be complex, and we have been told to expect the final bill to be £2k + but we cant walk away can we, we need to give this beautiful girl the chance to feel the grass under her paws and the sunshine on her face so please can you help her with a donation, big or small… it all adds up… thank you for your support as always … please send healing love to #babymyrtle

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