Netti – Now Adopted!

Netti is home!

New life, New family, New name Lillibet for all the new memories to be created.

We are very pleased to announce that Lillibet has found her forever home with Claire, Carl and their children… Jack, Teddy and Albie. Lillibet now has a new four-legged forever friend in Bruce the bulldog. We are sure it won’t be long before these are partners in crime and up to all sorts of naughty antics together.

So please join us in congratulating Claire and Carl and their gorgeous family on their beautiful little girl To Lillibet, happy forever home little one. We look forward to sharing all your exciting new adventures with you.

A huge thank you to Alison for caring for Lillibet and preparing her for her forever home. Also, a massive well done on your 1st foster dog, you have been fabulous. Thank you so much.


A little of Nettis story below,

A member of our admin team was contacted by a lady who she knew, she had been looking after Netti for a family on holiday. But her owner never came back for her, and after several attempts to try and get them to reclaim her they decided they didn’t want her anymore. Sadly the lady wasn’t in a position to keep Netti full time so asked us to take her in and keep her safe.

Can you imagine how poor Netti felt being abandoned like that?

We don’t think Netti has had much affectionate interaction in her life as she ducks when her foster mum tries to give her strokes, but she has just started to ask for fusses by giving her paw and she is growing more affectionate daily. She was extremely shy, timid and it would break any of our hearts to see her often cower when someone approached to stroke her head. But slowly she learned what affection was, and soon found she loved bum tickles, ear scrubs cuddles and kisses. Her foster family did everything they could to help build her confidence and prepare her for the next chapter in her life.

Her foster mum had taken another foster dog in (Lola), and this really helped Netti with her confidence.

She soon started to instigate playtime with Lola and soon she wasn’t fearful on her walks when Lola is with her. And they ate together (although gobble would be a better description for Netti) with no issues like aggression or resource guarding.


Netti needed some boundaries set as she will jump up and can catch a hand and she is a bit humpy. She is very food orientated and using small treats she is starting to get the hang of basic commands.

Dogs name: Netti

Age:  15 Months

Can live with children: Yes

Can live with dogs: Yes – must be sterilised

Can live with cats:  Untested

Current location:  Calne, Wiltshire

Things to be aware of: 

Netti has got double Cherry Eye. One of the glands remains exposed, the gland in the other eye is easily massaged back in, but she will require surgery to repocket them both.

She will also need to be spayed.

Both surgeries will be paid for by the charity at a vet of our choice once Netti has gone home.

The ideal home: 

Netti has benefitted massively from having another playful friendly dog in the home so we will prefer for her to be rehomed with another dog. She will jump up and hump so any children in the home will need to be dog savvy and young children supervised.

Netti doesn’t ask to go out for toileting so she needs a routine where she isn’t left for long periods so she can be let out.

Other comments: 

We have watched Netti flourish more and more as she relaxes. She really didn’t interact very much when she first came into foster and there is no doubt Lola has helped Netti.

As mentioned, we prefer Netti is rehomed with a dog that is playful and used to other dogs coming into the home. Netti is still entire, so any resident dog will need to be sterilised.

Netti is not used to being in a car, she gets stressed and will try to run away so when she travels home, she will need regular breaks and ideally someone with her for reassurance.