Peppa – Now Adopted!

Peppa is a lovely girl who likes to be on the go and be a part of the action. She is very playful and will amuse herself quite happily with her toys. She is learning to fetch her ball and will play tug of war forever.

She loves all attention and will come to you for strokes, kisses and fuss.

Peppa has learned to ‘wait’ and ‘sit’ but she has limited recall off her lead, so she is only lead walked. She is generally fine walking where there are other dogs, but she can become nervous if another dog approaches her. Peppa will decide if she wants to say hello but often, she will just walk on.

Dogs name:  Peppa

Age:  2 Years 9 months

Can live with children:  Yes aged 12 years and over

Can live with dogs:  No

Can live with cats:  No

Current location:  Bolton, Lancashire

Things to be aware of: 

Peppa came into foster with a mammary tumour which has now been removed and has been confirmed as a low-grade mast cell tumour.

When Peppa has her toys or football she can become protective, and she won’t give these up without gentle cajoling.

Peppa does not like cats so cannot be rehomed with them. She also needs to remain on her Royal Canin Hypoallergenic diet which is readily available.

Her ears can become yeasty so cleaning her ears needs to be a part of her daily routine which also include bathing her eyes daily and a rub down with CLX wipes after her walk.

The ideal home: 

Peppa would suit an active dog savvy home. She would love being part of a family with lots going on but any children in the home would need to be dog savvy and boundaries reinforced by the whole family.

We are stipulating children living in the home need to be aged 12 years and above

Other comments: 

Peppa is an adorable young girl who melts the heart of everyone she meets, but she will try her luck and her new owners will need to be firm with her, in return they will have a beautiful, funny, and loving addition to their family.

It’s essential that she carries on with training and boundaries in her new home and ideally someone with Bulldog experience.

Peppa travels well so we will consider the perfect home for her up to 4 hours from her current location.

Peppa’s adoption donation fee is £450 and will need to be paid in full prior to her going home which will also be subject to a home check.


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£5 per year allows you to apply for as many dogs as you wish should you not be suitable on your first Application.
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