Priscilla – Now Adopted!

Priscilla is home!

This little Princess has really fallen on all four paws with a loving family and a great garden and home to relax in.

She is now part of Karen’s and Carl’s family and is loving all the attention she is getting. She has even made friends with the cat.

Congratulations Karen and Carl you have a gorgeous little princess we wish you and your family the many happy years together.

To Priscilla have the most wonderful life We really look forward to watching all your new adventures unfold. Be good sweet girl!

Thank you so much to Heather Turner for being a fabulous foster mum. We know it was a bittersweet moment when Priscilla left but take heart that you played such an important part in her life, thank you so much We are very grateful to you and appreciate all your hard work.

A little of Priscilla’s story below,

Priscilla is a lovely and loving girl who isn’t massively playful but loves her soft squeaky toys and frisbee and she plays tug of war with the children in her foster home. She is well behaved, and her foster mum describes her as an adorable girl who loves a good bottom scratch and stroke all over (avoiding ears)

She is fine being walked but she has made an attachment to her foster mum, so she prefers to be taken by her, but she is encouraged to be walked with other people. She generally tolerates a quick sniff with dogs on her walks and moves on, but she will warn a dog she doesn’t want it to come into her space.

Priscilla is toilet trained and prefers to ignore all commands apart from ‘Go to bed’

Dogs name: Priscilla

Age:  4 years 9 months

Can live with children:  Yes

Can live with dogs: Yes, friendly neutered dogs

Can live with cats:  Untested

Current location:  Newbiggin-by the sea, Northumberland

Things to be aware of: 

Priscilla doesn’t like small white fluffy dogs. She has a mild cherry eye that sometimes protrudes and is managed by popping it back in. This doesn’t require any corrective surgery, but she does have eye drops and an eye gel for Dry Eye which MUST be continued for the rest of her life.

Her ears tend to get dirty, so they need cleaning twice a week. She is ok cleaning around the ears but will make a dash for it if she sees the cleaning solution.

The ideal home: 

Priscilla will make a lovely family companion. She has lived with children in foster and as she can get over excited noises, any children in the home need to be old enough to know when to calm down and obviously any young children supervised.

Priscilla can be rehomed with a laid back, playful English Bulldog dog that is happy to share their home.

Other comments: 

Priscilla was being picked on by another dog in her previous home and she was very submissive. We have also noticed that she appears to be much better around English Bulldogs rather than other breeds so if there a resident dog would need to be an English Bulldog.


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