Ralph – In Foster

Please welcome Ralph he is a 4 year old entire male.

We were contacted by Ralph’s owner for help in December. Unfortunately Ralph has lost the use of his back legs . He was perfectly normal 8 weeks ago and after his owner returned from work one day he was dragging his left leg and unsteady . He’s also now incontinent .

He’s been on crate-rest for 8 weeks with pain killers with advice from the vet that he needed around £8000 for an operation of a suspected slipped disc . His muscles are wasting and his skin is sore from lying down . He can stand but not for any length of time .

Ralph is in foster with Louise and Simon Toon. Our plan is X-rays ASAP to see if we can see anything, then depending on findings an MRI scan with a view to operate .

I didn’t need to tell you the cost implications of this which is why his owner needed our help . Ralph needs urgent care to find out what’s wrong and the reason why he’s like this all of a sudden, that comes at a huge cost .

We have previously treated Nancy who was exactly like Ralph and with an MRI, patience, extensive hydrotherapy and physio we did get her back on her feet and now she’s almost back to normal .

We have 26 dogs in foster , so we will be doing some fundraising to get Ralph the care he needs and also to continue to fund our other 26 dogs as well.

Welcome to GB Ralph we will do everything we can to help you x