Ralph – Ready for adoption

Ralph is a big soft gentle boy who absolutely loves cuddles. He is just a boy who adores human attention and completely adores children of any ages.
Ralph loves toys and a good squeaky toy is a big fave!
Ralph doesn’t have the use of his back legs due to a previous tumour which has been removed. Ralph does however have wheels and boy can he move on them! He loves his new found freedom.
Dogs name: Ralph

Age: 4

Can live with children: Yes but please be aware he will be clumsy with his wheels

Can live with dogs: Yes – 1 laid back dog

Can live with cats: Yes

Current location: Midland’s

Things to be aware of:

Ralph doesn’t like play fighting or raised voices, this makes him bark.
Ralph can be homed with 1 laid back dog but you must be aware that Ralph can be possessive over food and this can cause issues for him. Attention must also be carefully distributed between dogs as Ralph can get a pang on jealousy at times!
Ralph gets overly excited with balls, especially footballs and this needs to be taken into consideration.
Ralph is incontinent of urine and faeces and will require wraps for urination in the day. He wears fully nappies at night.
We are still unsure if he will ever gain full use of his legs, he can stand up but doesn’t walk at all with out his wheels.

The ideal home:

Ralph would benefit from someone who is around most of the day and he absolutely adores his little people.
He will need a fairly flat garden for him to do zoomies in his wheels!
Ralph needs someone who is prepared to put the time and commitment in with his ongoing physio, hydrotherapy and care needs.

Other comments:

We will re-home Ralph with all the equipment we have purchased for him and will cover the cost of his wheels for life.
He will need further physio/hydrotherapy for another few months and we will need you to take him to one that is close to your home. We will also cover the cost of ongoing physio/hydrotherapy and any further medication he needs for pain management.
Ralph requires help throughout the day changing his wraps. He doesn’t know he’s had a poo but he moves away when he’s done it so is easy to clean.
Ralph is on a raw diet and this will need to continue, we can further advise on this.
He doesn’t require any further surgery just daily exercise to strengthen his muscles.

If you have any questions please ask Louise Toon his foster mum .

Ralph’s adoption fee is £350 and will need to be paid in full prior to Ralph going home which will also be subject to a home check.

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