Rolo – Now Adopted!

Rolo is two and she is Non Recognised colour bulldog (at the Kennel Club). She’s a chocolate Tri. Rolo has been used for breeding and was in horrendous condition when a lovely lady took her in a couple of months ago. Unfortunately Rolo didn’t like her male so we kept in touch and she asked us to take her.

Rolo has a very sore right eye that has had some treatment already but needs entropion surgery, she has horrendous dry eye and she will need spaying too . Rolo is in foster with Lucy Glenister Wilson Storey whilst we sort her ailments and assess her temperament.

At present our rescue actually has as many non standard colours ( CNR) as standard. It’s becoming a huge huge issue for us as they are come in with many health issues and in extremely poor condition.

Last year the Kennel club seen a significant rise in the registration of Colour Not Recognised bulldogs to one third of all litters registered. These bulldogs are classed as ‘ rare’, but they aren’t rare there are thousands of them and they aren’t bred for health they are bred for wealth and greed.

Please help us promote healthy breeding, this isn’t a discrimination of colour post it’s a discrimination of scummy breeders who don’t health test there dogs, they don’t care about bettering the breed they care about adding a couple of thousands pounds extra on their pedigree. You will see the likes of Teddy , Peppa , Minnie , Ella , Rolo, Alfie have all had or need extensive vet care due to poor breeding.

It’s saddens me that these babies don’t asked to be born but aren’t taken care of by the very people that bring them into this world. When purchasing a puppy please do your research, don’t pay over the going rate for a bulldog they shouldn’t be over £2000/£2500 for an amazing pedigree, don’t buy into the market charging £3000/5000 plus. Ask to see the parents, don’t be fobbed off with oh mums not here or dads somewhere else.

Please sign the treaty below, Bulldog Rescues have come to together with BDR to ask the Kennel club to act and support our rescues as we are full to bursting with CNR bulldogs that need our funds . The Kennel club has extra revenue from allowing these litters to be registered and we feel they should help their breed rescues financially, to care for their health issues.
If you would like to help via way of donation , our bank is Santander
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