Star – Now Adopted!

Skye and Star are Home!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Skye and Star have found their forever home with Mary and Martin.

Sadly their beautiful Bulldog Betty went over rainbow bridge and they couldn’t bear to be without a bully in their lives. Now they have two!

Both girls have settled in perfectly and took not time in training their new servants and have been out exploring their new garden, enjoying the sun and getting up to all sorts of girlie antics.

Star also has a brand-new name, Milly!

Please join us in congratulating Mary and Martin on their beautiful girls We look forward to sharing the next chapter of your lives!

So little Skye and Milly, now your forever adventures begin, have a wonderful life in your new home sweethearts.

A massive thank you to their amazing foster Mum Marie Mills and her family for rescuing these beautiful girls and preparing them for their forever home You have been fantastic, going above and beyond and we will be forever grateful to you!


A little of Star’s story below,

Well, they say it doesn’t rain it pours and being contacted about Star it did just that!

Late that night we were called by the people who previously owned Skye to go and collect her puppy who had been returned to them because she had health issues.

The pup was sold a few days earlier. The couple decided to return her, but the owners didn’t want her back and asked if we could take her in.

We had tried to rescue Star when we collected Skye, as the conditions the dogs were living in was absolutely horrendous, but they wouldn’t give her up. They were living in a garden that was filled with mud and faeces. The dogs were living outside in squalor outside in freezing cold kennels.

When our fosters got there at 9pm the state of the puppy (who didn’t have a name) was worrying them. She couldn’t stand, she was very lethargic and the smell from her was rancid, she was bleeding heavy from her little lady parts. Her breathing was just horrible.

They took her home and cleaned her a little, gave her some water. When her mummy Skye saw her, she cuddled her straight in. Early that next morning she went to our vets.

They suspected Pyometra and wanted to do bloods and ultrasound scans, they were very concerned about the state she was in to .

The tests came back, she did have open Pyo and it was bad. Her bloods high with infection and her temp was high too.

She underwent emergency surgery to save her life. They found her uterus was filled with pus and they have found a lump in her urinary body that they have never seen before and aren’t sure what it is. So, we sent it away to find out. Pyo in a just turned 1 year old is very rare, a lump is even rarer. All due to the conditions these poor dogs were kept in.

If she had been left another 24 hours Baby Star would have died.

She is stayed overnight in the vets to give her Antibiotics and Fluids to try and stabilise her.

To say we are traumatized by what we have seen, by our foster family and us is an understatement no dog should be left in those conditions.

A huge thank you to her foster mum Marie Mills, to Sarah Janney for helping secure her and Nana Norris for bathing her, cuddling her and the tears she’s shed today over her.  


Star is being rehomed with her mum Skye

Both girls really enjoy any kind of human attention. They are both starting to become a lot more playful and Star is a nosey little character, they are great fun together and really enjoy their squeaky toys

Because both girls have had recent surgeries, Skye has had limited walks which went well and Star has never been walked, ever, so this will be like opening up a new world for both of them once they are in their new home.

Dogs name: Skye & Star

Age:  Skye 3 years, 2 months, Star 1 year

Can live with children:  Yes

Can live with dogs: Yes

Can live with cats:  Untested

Current location:  Grimsby, Lincolnshire

Things to be aware of: 

The girls still require toilet training

The ideal home: 

The girls will be a delight in any home where they are not left for long periods. They have been fabulous around the children in their foster home so they can be rehomed to a family with children, obviously, young children would need to be supervised.

Other comments: 

Both Skye and Star came to us having had hardly any human interaction such as toilet training, playtime, commands and walking but they are really starting to flourish in these areas.

The toilet training is coming on well and they will need a home where there is someone around for a good part of the day to keep them in a good toileting routine.

They are mother and daughter and incredibly bonded, and they will be an absolute delight to have as part of a loving family.

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