Tilly – Now Adopted

Welcome to Tilly

Tilly is only a 5 month old puppy. She came to us via an advert on a popular selling site. The owner was advertising her for sale due to the resident older dog not liking her. The owner was contacted by us and decided she would gift Tilly to us to ensure she was safe on the proviso that she was collected immediately.

Sadly on collection This poor little girl wasn’t in a good condition at all. In fact she is a very sorry state. She is only 12 kg and is teeny tiny.  Her skin is extremely sore and her fur is patchy and bald in places . Her eyes are in horrendous state they have a heavy green discharge and cloudiness. She smelt and is extremely timid and frightened. She was being fed adult food at 5 months old which can account a little for her being so teeny as she hasn’t been receiving the nutrition she should. This poor little girl has lacked in care and attention and this broke our hearts…

Tilly was collected yesterday and had a settled night with her new foster family. She has loved gentle snuggles and attention. She has today visited our trusted vet . She has Demodex mite which is so bad she has a secondary skin infection and yeast on her skin , she needs antibiotics. She desperately needed worming. Her eyes at some point have had her cherry eye removed, which account for 40% of the moisture of a dogs eye , concequently she has horrendous dry eye . This should never have been performed and it wasn’t done well, . Her eyes are gunky, cloudy and how much she can see we don’t know , it’s damaged her sight Tilly now has medications to help with all these issues and she will hopefully benefit and make the best recovery she can. Her eyes will probably always have issues but hopefully now with help she may improve.

Tilly is with Vicky hill and her lovely family getting lots of tender loving care and now needs to gain trust. She has been so badly treated so this will take time.

So our little peach Tilly flop, welcome to GB your Springboard journey awaits you .

Our little lady is going to need continued vet treatment and care so could you please spare the cost of your coffee tomorrow? To us that makes such a massive difference and to Tilly it means the world…. Thankyou so much