Tink – Now adopted!

We have some very lovely news!!

Our little lady Tink is now home!

Tink was picked up on by her new slaves Shannon and Tom, and its clear she is in her forever home.

Tink is finding her paws and is settling in nicely to her forever home!!

She has even taken on the role of bodyguard to her little baby sister!

We would like to say a massive thank you to Kelly for preparing Tink for her new family. You have done amazing with her, and we are all very grateful to you we hope you will continue to foster for us in the future.

So please would you all join me in congratulating Shannon and Tom on their new girl.

We wish you many happy years together!

To Tink, enjoy your happy ever after, we can’t wait to see all the mischief and adventures you get up to with your loving family!

Dogs name:



5years old

Current location:

Thatcham, Berkshire.



Yes, dog savvy.




Yes, calm and laid back.



Tink is the sweetest lady.

She will spoil her human with so much love and affection.

Tink is truly everything a bulldog companion should be.


Tink is a calm, laid back lady who is happiest at your side.

Tink will love children to fuss over and get attention from, but any young children in the home must be supervised, as she is a big girl, and she can be excitable and occasionally jump so has the potential to knock children over.

Tink can hump on occasion when overly excited.


Tink prefers the quieter side of life, she needs a calm family home one which her family will keep her included in daily family life.

Tink is the ultimate best friend so would preferably have someone home with her the majority of they day. So, she can live out her dreams of being the perfect lapdog.


Tink prefers to have short walks, she copes with well up to 20 minutes.

She doesn’t take any notice of other dogs in when walked, she much prefers to enjoy her walking environment and all it offers for her to sniff at.

Toilet trained:

Tink is very good during the day and will go to the door when she needs out.

During the night Tink may wet so might need puppy pads down, however we believe this to be due to her season and should calm down/stop as she is used to her environment and prevented by being spayed in 12 weeks.

Can be left:

Tink is a very good girl and can be left for up to 4 hours.

Whether she is left for 30 seconds or 4 hours she will greet you with so much love and the waggiest of tails.


Tink travels very well, she will happily watch out the window or settle down to snooze, we advise you use a restraint/crate when travelling with any dogs.

Because of this we will accept applications of up to 4 hours from Tink’s current location.

Things to be aware of:

Tink came to GBSR with untreated flee allergy that caused hair loss she is currently having a bath/shower 3 times a week using a medicated wash for skin to allow her fur to grow back. She stands or sits in the bath & absolutely loves the hairdryer.

Tink must stay on her current diet of Purina Hypoallergenic with Salmon oil, any change in her diet could lead to further complications with her skin and fur.

Her weight and exercise must be controlled as a preventative, Tink may possibly need BOAS surgery in the future but controlling her diet and exercise could prevent this.

Tink has dry eye which we recommend using Optrex drops that can be bought over the counter.

As Tink came into our care she came into season, because of this Tink will be adopted on a “to be spayed” contract at a vet of the charity’s choosing, costs covered by GBSR.

Because of this any resident dog must be spayed/neutered.

Children must understand that bulldogs need time to settle in and have space to rest peacefully and uninterrupted.

Additional information:

Tink is the sweetest natured lady, who will be your absolute best friend. She will love joining you on your daily activities making sure you never feel a moment alone again!! Tink is a 1 in a million kind of girl and will make any family complete.


A little of Tink’s story below,

Please welcome Tink to our GBSR Family

Tink is a 5-year-old entire female.

This sweet little girl comes to GBSR due to her family’s change is circumstances they can no longer give her the care and attention she needs.

We were alerted to an advert a few weeks ago and made contact with Tink’s family, at the time her family still weren’t sure if letting her go was the right decision for them. And they needed time.

In the end it was a heart-breaking decision for them but the right one for Tink.

Tink is such a sweet natured little girl, she has ongoing skin issues and will be seeing our vet later today.

Tink is in foster with the fabulous Carla in the Southeast. Thank you so much for opening your home and heart to another beautiful bullie needing us.

Welcome to the start of your GBSR journey and the start of your Happily Ever After, we can’t wait to share it with you!!

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