Bear – Now Adopted

Bear is a bit of an overgrown puppy who bounces around the place not realising his own size. He is very playful but not keen to share toys, therefore any resident (female only) dog would have to be relaxed around toys as he can be possessive.

He adores people and having interaction and cuddles and sometimes he might jump up at a new friend, but he is starting to understand commands, and as time goes on and this will require ongoing training.

Bear walks very well on a lead and is happy and relaxed around other dogs outside.

Dogs name:  Bear

Age:  1 Year 10 months

Can live with children:  Yes aged 6 years and above

Can live with dogs:  Yes with a laid back female dog, details below

Can live with cats:  Yes, a dog savvy cat that doesn’t run

Current location:  Wolverhampton, West Midlands

Things to be aware of: 

Bear can become anxious and upset in loud and lively situations and he is not a lover of water, whether that be the bath or needing to go out to toilet when it’s raining.

He is also a bit of a barker when there is a knock at the door and overall seems to prefer the company of women over men.

The ideal home: 

Bear is happy with a laid-back female dog for company, and we will consider this but equally he can live alone.

He is a very active boy and as such will suit an active family that has the time to take him on good daily walks and adventures.

As he isn’t keen on loud, busy environments, we have stipulated any children in the family will need to be aged 6 years and older, and they should be dog savvy and be able to understand Bears need for calm.

Other comments: 

Bears foster mum describes him as a fantastic dog who is secretly a puppy in an adult’s body. He is learning manners and requires strong boundaries so his new owners must be committed to keeping on top of his training.

He has been neutered and has undergone BOAS surgery from which he is fully recovered, and he travels well in the car. Bear sleeps under the stairs with a gate so we feel he will happily go in a crate.

Bears adoption fee is £450 and will need to be paid in full prior to him going home which will also be subject to a home check.


1. If your application doesn’t meet the dogs rehoming criteria above you won’t be considered to adopt this dog so please read the details carefully.

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    £5 per year allows you to apply for as many dogs as you wish should you not be suitable on your first Application.

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