Monty – In Foster

Welcome Monty 
Monty is a 5 year old neutered male.
Family circumstances had changed and long working hours mean’t he was left for long periods.
Monty has very severe separation anxiety and this means he barks and howls when left alone. He also drools and becomes soaked when he is left. This was very upsetting for his owner and also was creating issues with her landlord and neighbours.
His owner knew this wasn’t fair to anyone, especially Monty, so she made the difficult decision to gift him to us.
Monty is now in foster with Antonella Terusi and her family. He is settling but is a little stressed from the change of homes and is not happy being left alone at all. This is going to take time for Monty to settle and to realise he will no longer be left. Monty is getting on very well with his foster fur sister.
Monty will see the vet as he needs a full check up but there are no apparent health issues that we can see.
Monty will need a period of assessment to determine what kind of furever home he will require.
Welcome to GBSR UK Monty. We cannot wait to share your journey!