Binky – Now Adopted!

Our Beautiful Binky is Home

It felt like we waited forever to create this post!

Donna-Marie drove a very long way to collect Binky and start their new lives together.

It was an instant connection between them, and they soon started their happily ever after together. They were destined to be together.

Congratulations, Donna-Marie, on your beautiful Binky! And Miss Binky, congratulations on your very own furever, Mummy We look forward to seeing all your adventures together.

Thank you, Emma Jones and family for your dedication to Miss Binky! You never gave up hope that she would find her happily ever after.

It may have taken us some time to find Binky’s perfect match, but we would never have given up looking for it!

A little of Binky’s story below,

Binky’s owner contacted us after a opportunity came up for them to move abroad for the career. Rather than just sell her they wanted to make sure she was safe and did it get passed around so asked us to take her in.

Binky’s journey started with a busy home with some lovely pugs to keep her company. She had an ulcerated eye that gave her a lot of trouble and needed intervention. Normal treatment wasn’t helping so Binky need her eye stitching closed to give the ulcer time to heal.

Binky is a very dominant female, and proudly wore her feisty pants with pride, but this resulted in her falling out with the resident dogs and meant she had to move foster homes.

Binky was much happier as an only dog, she under went entropion surgery and was spayed while we searched for her perfect forever home.

Binks is a loving cheeky and very playful girl. She is interested in everything that goes on in the home and loves to have lots of strokes, cuddles and belly rubs. 

She gets very excited when she sees her harness, but this doesn’t always mean she wants to walk!!, she is a typical Bulldog, and she will happily put the brakes on or turn for home after 10 minutes. But she does enjoy going out… just on her timetable..!

She sees dogs while she is on her walks, but she isn’t overly interested, she is happy to move on.

Binky loves playing with her toys, she especially enjoys rope & chew toys, and she will happily entertain herself with these.

Dogs name: Binky (Binks)

Age:  5 Years 9 months

Can live with children: Yes

Can live with dogs: No

Can live with cats:  Yes

Current location:  Wokingham, Berkshire

Things to be aware of: 

Binks will sometimes get anxious and hump, this is dealt with in her foster home with a firm NO and this behaviour needs to be discouraged if it’s displayed in her new home.

She can also get mouthy if over excited through playtime so we would discourage rough play with her.

The ideal home: 

Binks just wants her own slaves who will take her on short walks when she feels like it and who will give her lots of love and attention.

As she isn’t a lover of long walks, it would be nice for her to have a secure garden where she can laze her days away with lots of toys.

Because of the humping, any children in the home must be aged 8 years and above and visiting young children supervised.

Other comments: 

If you are looking for an energetic dog to take on long hikes, Binks is not the girl for you.

If you are looking for a gorgeous companion who will sit by your side and make you smile every day, she will be perfect. She loves car journeys so she will be perfect to take out and about… as long as it doesn’t involve too much walking..!

Binks does have the odd wee accident but once she gets into a new routine in her new home, we believe this will stop. She is crated over night in her foster home, this has helped her a lot and should be continued.

There are 2 cats in her foster home, and we are happy for Binky to be rehomed with a dog savvy cat.

Binky is a smashing little girl; she will make a lovely family pet. The ‘humping’ is getting less but she may revert to this behaviour in her new home while she settles so her new family will need to be firm with positive reinforcement.