Stanley – Now Adopted!

Stan da Man is Home!

We are so thrilled to announce Stanley has found his loving forever home with Craig, Louise and their son Anthony.

He fitted in beautifully and wasted no time in getting to know his new surroundings. In fact he had made a new friend on his 1st trip out to the park.

Please join us in congratulating Louisa, Craig and Anthony on their gorgeous new baby boy Stanley. We wish you all a lifetime of endless fun and happiness together and look forward to seeing all your adventures!

Please be a good boy Stanley and don’t be running off with things that aren’t yours but most of all be very happy x

A massive thank you to Sue and Stephen on another amazing foster! Thank you so much for all your hard work in preparing Stanley for his forever home. We are all very grateful to you We know it’s been full on with this energetic, cheeky boy! You can have a well-deserved rest now x


A little of Stanley’s story below,

Stanley came into foster like a tornado and now he is like a smaller whirlwind. He was hyperactive and even though he had had 3 weeks intensive training before he came in, he still needed to have boundaries set… this is ongoing.

He loves physical playtime and will keep going until he is put in his crate for time out, someone forgot to install an ‘off button’ on this gorgeous but lively boy

He is also very loving. He gives the best cuddles and adores being touched all over.

Stanley walks well and really enjoys meeting other dogs. He is typically stubborn, inquisitive and has been gentle around the children he has met whilst in foster, outside the home.

Dogs name: Stanley

Age:  11 Months

Can live with children: Yes aged 10 years and above

Can live with dogs: No

Can live with cats:  Untested in the home but not bothered when he has encountered them outside

Current location:  Keighley, West Yorkshire

Things to be aware of: 

Stanley will need to be neutered at around 18months. We will organise this with the new owners and pay for the neuter at a vet of our choice.

The ideal home: 

Stanley needs a home where he has access to a garden and with someone who will take him out for long walks as he needs to use up energy (which he has bags of).

Because Stanley throws himself around and has no idea of his own weight and strength, any resident

children in the home need to be aged 10 years and over and any younger visiting children need to be supervised.

Stanley has a crate for ‘time out’ which works well, and he will chew anything he can get his mouth on if he is left for long periods so he will be rehomed with his crate.

Other comments:

Stanley’s foster parents have worked hard with him, instilling some boundaries and manners. Stanley really needs this otherwise he will wreak havoc and be back to square one. He is a very active boy so he needs a calm but active home where he will be taken out and about and not left at home.

To Stanley, life is one big game and if you can throw some water into the mix like stream, that takes him to his happy place.

Stanley needs a home where he will not be left for long periods, he needs interaction and will chew if he gets bored.

He is still very young, and with the right routine and boundary setting he will carry on developing into a fabulous little boy.