Boston – Now Adopted!

Boston is Home!

We are thrilled to announce Boston has found his loving forever home with Louise, Gary and their two children.

Boston is very excited to have a new BFF in Moss who is a 10-year-old female Collie.

As you may recall Boston became a Geordie Bullie at the tender age of 2.5 when he was rescued by us and our fosters, Wayne and Babs the Pug.

Boston had been happily living with a family for the first year of his life then the couple parted and neither one of them wanted to take him, so Boston was dumped at a family members house who didn’t want another dog so therefore left Boston to sleep in a stable.

This poor boy had no interaction with anyone and had nothing to call his own not even a bed.

Fast forward to Boston being collected by his new Mum and Dad and is now enjoying being part of Louise and Gary’s family.

He hasn’t wasted any time in trying to climb the sofa but when told no he stops until the next time Boston has settled very well and is being the well behaved boy we all know and love.

So, with no further ado, please join us in congratulating Louise and Gary and their family on their gorgeous new baby boy. We wish you all a lifetime of endless fun and happiness together.

To Boston Happy forever home darling boy, we look forward to seeing all your future adventures with your family and new BFF Moss!

A massive thank you to Babs the Pug who has been an incredible foster sister and to Wayne on another successful foster, their sixth to date. You have been a huge part of Boston’s journey, and we know he has worked his way into both your hearts.

Thank you so much for caring and loving him like your own.

A little of Boston’s story below,

Boston soon earned the title of gentle giant, such an incredibly loving boy who just wants to be around you. Boston had a difficult beginning he was left to live outdoors in a stable, he came into foster a shy boy with very little confidence, unsure of being in a home. But soon he has started to bloom in front of our very eyes. He will seek you out for affection and play and is independent enough to be happy chilled by himself. Boston is head shy and will cower if he think’s he is in trouble, something that just comes along with not having the best of starts. Boston has taken very well to the resident fur boss Bab’s the Pug, she has been instrumental in teaching him that he is allowed in doors.

Dogs name: Boston

Age: 2 years old.

Can live with children: Yes, dog savvy children.

Can live with dogs: Yes, laid back dogs.

Can live with cats: Untested. 

Current location: Wigan, Greater Manchester 



Things to be aware of:

Boston had a tail pocket infection when he arrived, and we are unsure of how long this has been an issue it has been treated with antibiotics. With that in mind it may require surgery in the future should it pose a problem. Boston will cower if he is frightened or feel he is in trouble. He is forward on a lead and will pull, but regular walking and some training will help. Boston can get very excited and bouncy when he sees his harness, he will calm down when asked to sit. He will need time and patience as he learns how to live in his new home. Any training his foster has put in place will need to continue. Any young children will need supervising because of Boston’s size he has the potential to knock over small children.

The ideal home:

Boston needs an understanding and supportive home. One that understands he didn’t have the best start and still has lessons to learn and to build his confidence. One that can put in the time and training to ensure he reaches his full potential. He needs an active family that will include him in daily family life and would benefit greatly from a calm and laid-back dog to keep him company.   

Other comments:

When we were alerted to Boston’s plight we jumped into action, and the moment we saw him he stole our hearts. Each day he has grown in confidence, and it is clear he has the potential to be the most incredible bulldog.  

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