Chyna – In Foster – South East

Last night one of our fosters drove to get a little girl that we had been asked to help.
We knew she wasn’t in very good condition because her owners wanted to surrender due medical conditions, namely a prolapse and a rectal mass.
Apparently, a month after having her, she started to emit a “smell” from her back end, but she was only taken to a vet 8 weeks ago… The vet told them the mass needed removing or she needed to be PTS…. and still she was left …..
So this little girl has been suffering with a mass growing, causing a prolapse for 9 months completely untreated..!!
Everyone meet Chyna
This 5-year-old girl has been passed around for breeding before the current owners took her and that is evident from her undercarriage.
We barley dare to think about the life she has endured but we all know, don’t we??
Once Chyna was safely in the car Nadia called us in floods of tears. This little dot of a girl was petrified, there is clearly a huge mass creating a rectal prolapse, she stank to high heaven, skinny, filthy, and incontinent and with a growth on a nipple and horribly overgrown nails.
She was extremely stressed by the time Nadia got her home, so Nadia stayed with her downstairs to help her settle and a vet’s appointment was made this morning to see exactly what we are dealing with.
Chyna is so confused, bless her, she was distressed at the vets so she is being sedated so the vet can examine her thoroughly…. We know whatever needs to be done will have a financial impact so we are bracing ourselves.
Chyna came with absolutely nothing to her name, which is of no surprise, yet another dog that lined the pockets of breeders that ended up with nothing …!!!
And we are so great full to our amazing supporters for buying out her complete wish list in minutes.
Her treatment will be very expensive and the road to recovery will be a long one BUT it’s our job with your support to try and rectify everything that has been done to her during her sorry life…. She absolutely deserves ‘a life worth living’ so we are also asking for donations via the donate button, even £1 helps.
Other ways to donate are:
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Thank you Ndia and Hajnalka for jumping into action for Chyna, we appreciate you so much, and know that we and our incredible supporters are with you every step of the way.
Please don’t apply for Chyna as she has a long road to recovery

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