Clara – In Foster – South East

Earlier this week we were alerted by several supporters and volunteers about a little girl being sold online.
Clara had been bought a week ago.
The new owners had seen the state of her and knew there was no way she could stay where she was, so they brought her home.
As the days unfolded, they realised that Clara was in a worse state than they first realised.
So, with a heavy heart, they made the decision to rehome her where someone more experienced could get this girl the care she needed.
We contacted the owner and explained what we could do to help.
They had already fallen in love with Clara so they were relieved we could offer her a foster space and ensure that she would never ever be used and abused again.
And we would help her heal physically and mentally from her previous life.
Clara’s 3 years of life being ‘used and abused’ by a Greeder:-
She has been bred back to back
Her skin condition has never been addressed, and it looks like demodex mange
Her cherry eye has been left untreated and both eyes are very sticky
Her heart murmur hasn’t been investigated
Her feet are incredibly sore with mange and from living outside
No doubt Clara’s Greeder has made bundles of money off the back of this poor girl but none of it found its way back towards her care!! 
Look at the state they have left her to live in, it makes us so upset and angry..!!
Clara will be seeing our Vet ASAP as she needs a Treatment Plan to start straight away.
We need to rule out Pyometra, as you can see, she is in season again
We need treatment for her terrible skin and her cracked paws
We need to understand the extent of her heart murmur and get her on meds if needed
We need to see if her cherry eye gland can be pocketed or as we suspect, will need to be removed
We need lubrication for both eyes
That’s what we need for Clara
Clara needs, time to decompress, she needs love, she needs nurture, she needs trust, she needs US 
Clara is in foster with Dan and El in the South East and their gorgeous GBSR girl Meika, has been really gentle around Clara, she understands the need to hold back until Clara is ready to act like a 3 year old … not a physically & mentally battered ex breeding bitch.
Please follow Clara’s journey, no judgement please on the owners who have placed her in our care, they have done the right thing by her, they are part of her rescue journey.
If you would like to contribute to Clara’s care, we would be very grateful, with your help we can heal this little girl together 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Clara your days of neglect and abuse are over sweetheart, welcome to your Springboard family

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