Crystal – In Foster – North West

Please welcome #Crystal into the fold of GBSR UK – long post 
Crystal came into foster earlier this week and was closely followed by Junior who was from the same home.
Bekki, her foster mum, collected Crystal and she made us aware straightway about the state this little love was in.
It was very evident that this very timid little girl had not had a good life and had been neglected.
Crystal is 3 years old; she has had 2 litters that we are aware of, the last litter was 12 months ago.
This young girl came in with bite wounds to her legs that have been left and are now swollen and badly infected.
She has a huge haematoma on her ear which is a result of trauma, possibly another dog bite. This isn’t a fresh haematoma as there is a lot of scarring around the ear 
Both ears have inner ear infections 
Her eyes are very dry and sore which is likely to be because the cherry eye glands have been removed and no eye drops administered 
Crystal has severe breathing problems and will need BOAS surgery and she has skin allergies 
We took Crystal to the vet straight away and she was put under GA to get her ear drained and give her a good look over as she cried whenever she was touched.
We can only imagine what life has been like for Crystal ……..
She is now more comfortable with her ear drained & stitched, eye drops, ear drops and ear cleaner, antibiotics and pain killers.
Crystal has literally come in with nothing, she needs bowls, a bed and bedding, lead and collar and a few toys to see if we can get her back interested in life.
We will provide the time the love, the treatment, the care and the security she needs to gain trust that there is a new ‘kind and loving life’ out there waiting for her 
If you have a spare £1 please consider donating towards her care , we are expecting it to be in the region of £2000-£2500 .

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