Dottie – Now Adopted

Dottie is described by her foster family as delightful but ever so lazy!!! She will happily sit in a bed all day if allowed but she is learning that coming out to play is fun! Dottie absolutely loves a rub down and a good old scratch under her chin or behind her ears!

Dottie currently wears a collar and lead to go walking but would probably benefit from a harness going forward to give her family more control. When Dottie sees her collar and lead she does play dead and rolls onto her back!!!

Dottie does love a walk but she resembles a bloke who’s had 1 too many in the pub and she is a weaver! She needs patience and training to help her with her walking skills as she previously never went on a lead or harness.

Dottie has no basic commands at all and she needs a family who have the time to spend with her training her.

Dottie will play with toys if the mood takes her but can take it or leave it. She will play rough and run around and chase you but stops when you ask her.

Dottie isn’t a massive fan of her cleaning regime but she will tolerate it!

Dogs name: Dottie

Age: 4 years old (5 in April)

Spayed/ Neutered: Yes

Can live with children: Yes

Age of children : Any

Can live with dogs: Yes

Can live with cats: Untested

Current location: Cardiff, South Wales

How far can the dog travel from current location: 4 hours

Things to be aware of: 

Dottie came to the charity from a breeder. She had been well cared for but due to this has limited commands and hasn’t really walked on a lead, just in a pack of dogs around the land they had. Dottie will therefore need time, training and patience going forward from her forever family. Like all bulldogs she will require rules and boundaries to instill good behaviours.

Dottie can still have accidents in the home and her new forever family must show an awareness of this.

Dottie is overweight and needs to lose a bit of timber! She is on a diet and along with exercise this should help her look svelte in no time! Her family will need to commit to continuing her regime.

The ideal home:

Dottie is the most lovely, soft, sweetheart and would make a family very happy. She would continue to flourish in a home where the family is home a substantial proportion of the day. She needs a family with time, patience and lots of love to give her. To not only teach her commands but also the joy of cuddles and attention.

Dottie has lived with dogs previously but in her foster she has been an only dog so either on her own or with a friend would be ok.

Dottie absolutely loves a cuddle with children so we would be happy to hone her with children of any age.

Other comments:

Dottie has been a pleasure in foster and will make her forever family very happy. She does have zero training and she needs someone with time and patience to offer training going forward. She doesn’t sleep in a crate and is happy in a bed.

Dottie is mostly toilet trained, but can have a few accidents so needs further training. Dottie travels well, we will consider a new home for her up to 4 hours from her current location in Cardiff, South Wales.

If you have any questions, please ask Kath Lane  foster mum to Dottie.

Dottie’s adoption fee is £400 and will need to be paid in full prior to going home which will also be subject to a home check.



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