Dottie – Now Adopted!

Dottie is home!

We are absolutely delighted to bring you news that Dottie has found her forever home with Lucy and Richard and their son Ellis.

Dottie was collected by her new family and has wasted no time at all getting lots of lubs and cuddles.

Dottie has settled brilliantly and has gained a new BFF in Reggie. Reggie and Dottie have hit it off with each other more or less straightaway which is wonderful to see.

Many congratulations to Lucy, Richard and their family. We hope you have lots of fun with this gorgeous girl and we look forward to seeing her many adventures with you all.

To Dottie have a fabulous life with your new family. Be happy sweetheart.

We want to say a huge thank you to our lovely fosters Sue and Stephen who have done yet another fabulous job preparing Dottie for her new home, we are extremely grateful to you both, thank you so much.


A little of Dottie’s story below,

Dottie is a timid, very gentle, loving, and submissive girl. She is learning to play with toys, but she needs chew toys as she is most definitely a chewer. She isn’t keen on loud noises, preferring a quieter home.

She really loves to have cuddles and fuss and has enjoyed being in her relaxed foster home with another friendly dog visiting 4 times a week.

Dottie is a very happy ‘meeter and greeter’ on her walks and she is learning new commands with success, except with the command Wait…!!


Dogs name: Dottie

Age:  17 months

Can live with children: Yes calm children

Can live with dogs: Yes

Can live with cats:  Possibly – didn’t react to a cat in the garden

Current location:  Keighley, West Yorkshire


Things to be aware of: 

Dottie is unspayed and as such she cannot be rehomed with an entire dog. As soon as she is ready for her spay we will make arrangements with her new family and we will cover the cost of the operation.

She also requires a cherry eye operation so this will be done at the same time with our Vet in the Midlands so her new home will need to be commutable to Solihull in the Midlands.

This lovely girl is currently on a weight control diet as she has a little too much junk in the trunk which affects her breathing on exertion. She must remain on this diet until she achieves a healthy weight.

Dottie had learned to be a chewer in her previous home. Crating her makes her anxious so her new family need to understand she needs lots of chew toys and to not be left for long periods.

The ideal home: 

Dottie has thrived in a calm and gentle household and any children around her need to be gentle and not over excitable.

Young children would need to be supervised because she is quite a large girl, and she could knock a small child over.

Dottie would gain confidence from a playful, well-adjusted resident dog who is happy to share their home but they will need to be sterilised.

She needs regular walks to help with her weight and to not be left for long periods.

Other comments: 

Dottie is a sweetheart of a dog. She is starting to blossom in her new home which is a calm environment. Because she is reserved, another friendly dog in the home would really benefit Dottie.

As mentioned, she isn’t keen to be left for very long, but she would be less anxious with a canine friend.

Her breathing has been made worse by the weight she is carrying so its essential she remains on the diet and that a healthy weight is maintained.

Dottie isn’t the best traveller so the journey to her new home will need to be broken up with pit stops if its over an hour from her current location.