Drey – Now adopted

We have a very special little boy to introduce to you…. now called Drey
As yet, we haven’t named him so we are going to ask you to help with suggestions but first, please read about our little lad who we will call Puppy until we name him.
We were recently contacted by a supporter regarding a little pup who was a ‘Swimmers Puppy’ . He was given to her at a day old, with no history as where he’d came from. The we lady has experience of the breed and so she has lovingly hand reared him for 5 1/2 weeks, but it soon transpired she wasn’t just dealing with Swimmers as Puppy’s back leg wasn’t developing properly.
As he is so tiny, he was x-rayed awake by her vet , and it was suggested that he has an underdeveloped hip socket, and his kneecap is on the side of his leg which means he is unable to bend it.
He can get up on his feet and he can walk, but his leg is straight and doesn’t bend at the knee, almost like there’s no hinge to bend it.
The vet suggested to her his leg sound be amputated, he’s too young at the moment to put him through General Anesthesia to see what’s wrong or decide.
The lady knew we have a vast knowledge, experience and expertise so she asked if we could take him. She is absolutely heartbroken, but she has put his needs first, so no judgements please. She handed him to use earlier as intervention early will be key to his recovery.
We will be taking him to our own vet to get a treatment plan and to organise an x-ray to see exactly what we are dealing with and to give him the very best chance in life.
But for now, Puppy has no idea he doesn’t look the same as any other Puppy.
He is staying in foster with Trustee Helen Seymour and he is loving having the ‘big’ dogs to play with and his humans to adore him.
So can you think of a name for this 5½ week old boy.. please comment below and lets welcome this sweetheart into the arms of GBSR UK.

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