Eden – Ready for Adoption!- North West

The incredible Miss Eden came in to GBSR from a shelter, no name, no information and not in the best condition.

But what a resilient, sweet and happy little girl she is.

Eden adores every human she meets especially children and would spend hours enjoying being cuddled and fussed by all.

Eden loves pottering around the garden exploring and sniffing away.

She loves long walks but can be excitable and pull but with continued training this will improve.

Eden came into foster with no name, but she is now answering to her new name.

Eden is eager to please she is learning to sit and stay with continued training she will have it in no time.

Dogs name:




Can live with children:

Yes, 8+ and dog savvy.  

Can live with dogs:

Yes, calm and laid-back dogs.

Can live with cats:


Current location:

Buxton, Derbyshire.

Things to be aware of: 

Eden came to us from shelter, she is underweight but isn’t a fan of any dog food so slowly we are supporting her gaining weight.

Eden is slowly learning her name, and basic training so her new family will need to be ready to carry on her training journey.

Miley can be excitable and jump this may be too much for young children, so children in the home must be 8+ and any young visiting children must be supervised.

Any resident dog must be laid-back, with no resource guarding or possessive issues.

The ideal home: 

Eden would love a family with children to spoil her with love and cuddles, one where she won’t be left for long periods of time.

A family who will include her in all that is family life and give her the home she deserves.

She will love long walks and early nights cuddled up.

A home with a garden where she can explore and sniff until her hearts content.

A calm and laid-back companion to help show her the ropes and keep her company when her family can’t.

Any young children must be supervised as Eden has the potential to knock them over.

Other comments: 

Eden proves how incredible resilient this breed is. She has things to learn but has shown to be the perfect house guest. Eden travels well so we will consider applications upto 4 hour travel time.

Eden’s adoption donation fee is £450 and will need to be paid in full prior to her going home which will also be subject to a home check.

**The successful applicant will need to have an active Facebook and Messenger account for the life of the dog. If you cannot agree to this, please don’t apply**


  1. You MUST MEET ALL the dogs’ criteria, have you read the adoption criteria in full?
  4. PAYMENT REFERENCE must on the application form to cross reference. Mention if you have paid by Paypal or Bank Transfer if you are unable to provide a Transaction Number so we can check.
  5. PAYMENT METHOD Via Enthuse using the link below.



£5 per year allows you to apply for as many dogs as you wish over a 12 month period from your first  application. Please mention if you have paid by Paypal or Bank Transfer on any previous applications so we can cross reference.Below is the link to the Application Form.

A little of Eden’s story below,

Please welcome Eden to our GBSR family!

A couple of days ago we were contacted by a Kennels. They had a very withdrawn and scared little girl that had served her 7 days after being found as a stray.

No-one had come forward and she found herself alone and unwanted.

She was the ‘girl with no name’ she has clearly been bred from and she was scared and exhausted. We believe her to be around 3 years old.

We immediately arranged to collect her, and she has spent the first 24 hours in her new foster home with Rachelle, sleeping.

She needed to feel safe without the hectic sounds that you get in a kennel and Rachelle wrapped her up in a warm blanket and let her rest.

The ‘girl with no name’ is now called Eden, she has a beautiful new name for the start of her new life.

She is underweight and she has some nasty looking mammary tumours which will be investigated on Thursday during her vet check. She also appears to have eye issues and is possibly brewing an ear infection, but we will heal her, and she will never be discarded again.

Eden came into GBSR UK with nothing, and thanks to our amazing supporters her amazon wish list was bought out within 15min of her being announced on our Facebook page.

When Eden is fully recovered and ready for adoption, we will post her adoption poster on our social media, but you can follow her journey in our Rescue Group where her foster mum will be posting regular updates.

Welcome into the GBSR family Eden, we can’t wait to see you blossom and become the loved little girl you should always have been.

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