Esme – In Foster – South East

Welcome Esme

Esme is a 2 year old entire bitch.

We were contacted by Sarah Robinson with regards to Esme yesterday. She had a friend Stuart Lawrence who had been asked if he could help a dog that was living outside on a tiny settle on a balcony.

When we saw the video of her we were absolutely heart broken.  She was outside in a tiny box with no shelter, it was freezing, she was covered in urine burns, faeces, her eyes were crusty and dry, she had a skin infection and was very underweight .

Apparently she has been continuously mated but hasn’t taken, so obviously was of no use to her owners anymore.

It took a mammoth effort to get her which involved another lady putting up the £800 her owners wanted to buy her from their druggy hands so she would be safe.

She was dropped off at the ladies house, she then drove her to Stuart’s house late last night .

Our wonderful foster’s Justin Saint and Julie Saint drove early this morning to collect her. They have bathed her, cleaned her up, fed her some good food and she’s spent the day sleeping now she’s finally feeling warmth, love and care.

She will be seeing our vets tomorrow.

Huge huge thank you to Sarah Robinson ( Frank and Jelly’s ) and Stuart for trusting GBSR to take care of her.

Esme will need a period of assessment to determine what kind of forever home she will require.

Please do not contact us regarding rehoming Esme yet as she is new to foster. Welcome to GBSR UK Esme! We cannot wait to share your journey