Fifi – Now Adopted

Fifi is described by her foster family as little and cute BUT she is absolutely full of sass! Fifi is a cross breed pup and has qualities of both parents. She is quick, nimble and can’t half jump!!!

Fifi wears a harness and lead when walking and doesn’t pull. She absolutely loves to walk and she does need to burn off her excess energy.

Fifi can be reactive to small furry dogs so awareness must be shown while out walking.

Fifi currently hasn’t got any real basic commands so this will need work and training by her furever family, her foster family have started working on sit but she is hit and miss.

Fifi is getting more playful the more she’s in her foster home. She seems to like squeaky toys the most.

Dogs name: Fifi (Cross breed Bulldog/ Jack Russell)

Age: 6 months old

Spayed/ Neutered: No

Can live with children: Yes

Age of children : Any

Can live with dogs: No (Needs to be an only dog)

Can live with cats: No small furries at all

Current location: Whitby, North Yorkshire

How far can the dog travel from current location: 4 Hours

Things to be aware of:  

Fifi came back into foster after having arguments with her fur sister in her first forever home. We have decided due to her nature we will be best homing Fifi as an only dog. She loves human company probably more than dog company and loves having a cuddle with the kids.

Fifi is part Jack Russell and this is very evident. She is very pray driven and she will terrorise anything small and furry so for this reason we are rehoming Fifi without cats etc.

The ideal home: 

Fifi is a real sweetheart but is still very young and has a lot to learn. She will make an amazing addition to the right family. Fifi needs a family who can offer her stimulation, both physically and mentally. She’s a very clever girl and we feel that puppy classes and socialisation would be beneficial for her.

Fifi requires a home with a dog savvy family whom have some knowledge of Jack Russell traits.  She needs a family that will not pander to her cuteness and will continue with firm rules and boundaries as her foster family have.

Fifi absolutely loves children and can be rehomed with children of any age.

As previously stipulated Fifi cannot be rehomed with any dogs or small furries due to her previous history.

Other comments:

Fifi is a real sweetheart with her humans, she adores children. She is, however, still a pup and is in need of training and very firm boundaries. Fifi has bags of attitude and if given an inch she will take miles! She sleeps in the kitchen in her bed without any issues in her foster home.

As Fifi is being rehomed unspayed, we will arrange for her spay at 18 months and pay for this. It will be a condition of the adoption contract that this is completed by the new owner at a vet of our choice. 

Fifi  is toilet trained and travels well, we will consider a new home for her up to 4 hours from her current location in Whitby, North Yorkshire.

If you have any questions, please ask Verity Carnie  foster mum to Fifi.

Fifi’s adoption fee is £500 and will need to be paid in full prior to going home which will also be subject to a home check.


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