Hulk – Now Adopted!

Hulk is home!

Hulk has been collected by his very excited parents Sam and Louis and their son.

Hulk has wasted no time in wrapping everyone around his paws, especially his new skin brother who has instantly fallen in love with him.

Hulk has been busy getting very well acquainted with his surroundings and has been bowling around the house.

We want to say a heartfelt thank you to Wayne for fostering Hulk. Thank you for being amazing on yet another successful foster. You are truly amazing.

To Hulk – all your new adventures start here gorgeous boy, and we look forward to following the next part of your journey and wish you a lifetime of fun and happiness together.


Hulk’s previous adoption statement,

Dogs name: Hulk

Age: 3 years old.

Current location: Wigan, Greater Manchester.


Children: Yes, I love children.

Cats: Untested.

Dogs: Yes, calm laid-back dogs.



Hulk by name but not by nature.

He is a genuine sweet boy, who loves bum scratches cuddles, and he will happily sit by your side enjoying your company.


He is a typical Bulldog can be stubborn, has a deaf ear and not afraid to use it.

Hulk has an excitable and boisterous side to him especially during play and is very much a diamond in the rough.

While he isn’t a possessive dog by nature, he will guard a ball and will try to get it from you.


Hulk will need a calm but active family home.

With a confident family who can put in the time and patience to train Hulk and help him reach his full potential.

Hulk will be an amazing family companion to join in any family daily activities and adventures.

He will benefit from companion who can show him the ropes and keep him company when his humans are busy. Any resident dog must be laid back with no aggression or resource guarding issues.


Hulk walks on a harness as he will wiggle out of any collar when out on a walk.

He walks very well in a pack as well as alone.

Hulk currently walks for 30min, but could easily manage more than to be walked twice a day.

Toilet trained:

Yes, Hulk is a good boy.

Can be left:

Hulk can be left for up to 4 hours, in a secure room with a comfy bed and some toys to occupy him.


Hulk travels well and uses and harness and restraint in the backseat. Because of this we will consider applications of up to 4 hours away from his current location.

Things to be aware of:

Hulk is a giant puppy and will need ongoing training as he came to GBSR not understanding any commands and he has 0 recall, so must stay on leash when walking.

Additional information:

Hulk is far from the grumpy bulldog that his name suggests. He has the sweetest nature and is very much a diamond in the rough, but we have no doubt that with the right family Hulk will blossom into an amazing family pet.

A little of Hulk’s story below,

Hulk came into GBSR a 3-year-old entire male.

He is most definitely Hulk by name but most definitely not by nature. 

Hulk has been surrendered to us due to a change in his owner’s circumstances.

Unfortunately, as we all know sometimes life doesn’t go as planned and there are bumps in the road.

His owner has found herself in a situation where she’s taking an emergency house move and where she is moving to the won’t except pets.

To keep hulk safe and not it be passed around she contacted us.

Hulk soon visited our vet and had some medication for an ear infection and was booked for neutering. He also had a couple of lumps checked out with the vet said was abrasions and had his nails trimmed.

Welcome to your GBSR Family Hulk! We cannot wait to share the next chapter of your life with you!

A massive thank you to Wayne for going to collect Hull and keeping him in foster with Bleu & Babs.  He will be in foster in the North West.

Previous Adoption Statement,

Hulk by name but not by nature.

Hulk is a genuine, sweet boy, who loves bum scratches & cuddles, and he will happily sit by your side enjoying attention from anyone who gives it.

He is also a typical Bulldog who can be stubborn, has a deaf ear and is not afraid to use it. He will listen to you, just in his own time…!!

Hulk is excitable and has a boisterous side to him especially during play which he loves. He can become focussed on footballs and tennis balls, so these are not encouraged in his foster home.

He really enjoys a good walk, and he walks better in a harness as he has learnt to wriggle free from a collar. Meeting and greeting dogs outside present no problems and he is happy to walk in a pack or alone.

His recall is non-existent, so he has not been allowed off lead.

He really has the happiest nature will greet you with the best bum wiggles and dance moves, especially when you come home.

Hulks favourite past time is snoozing, especially if he can find a good sunspot in the garden, and he loves a good game of tug of war.

Hulk has adapted well in his foster home and has got on very well with the resident dog.

Another foster dog in the home has been tetchy towards him but he takes it all in his stride and doesn’t react to her.

He is cate trained and settles well when left and can be left for up to 4 hours.

Dogs name: Hulk


Age: 3 years old.


Can live with children: Yes, dog savvy children.


Can live with dogs: Yes, calm laid-back dogs.


Can live with cats: Untested.


Current location: Wigan, Greater Manchester.

Things to be aware of:

Hulk is just completing treatment for an ear and skin infection. There is a small chance he might need treatment again in the future or it’s possible he will still be undergoing treatment when he goes home.

He is allergic to Duck, so we recommend he remains on his current food which is midrange and easily available, and any treats do not contain Duck.

Whilst he isn’t a possessive dog by nature, if there is a ball anywhere near Hulk, he decides it’s his and he needs to have it.

And once he has it, he will not give it up, so we strongly recommend Hulk has no access to any kind of ball either in his home or outside as he quickly becomes over stimulated.

The ideal home: 

Hulk will need a calm but active family home where there is someone around for a good part of the day.

He will happily cope with a walk twice a day and then a snooze in his crate, or once a day if he has access to a garden.

Any children in the home must be old enough to understand the ‘No Ball’ rule and young children must be always supervised as he doesn’t know his own size.

His new owners will need to accept they are getting an oversized puppy, but Hulk is very trainable. With consistency and treat-based training he will start to get the hang of boundaries and manners.  This may take a little time and patience, but he certainly has potential.

He will benefit from a playful, well socialised canine companion who is happy to share toys and humans and who can help to show him how to behave.

Other comments: 

What can we say about this loveable boy…. Hulk is a little lad that wants to please, he has no aggression or malice in him, he is sociable and excitable and loves being part of the action.

Yes, he can become too focussed on balls but that’s easily remedied by the ‘No Ball’ rule. And he needs some boundaries put in place in his new home but again this is all doable, he just needs a family who will commit to this and love him for who he is.

Hulk travels well with a seat restraint on the back seat of the car so he can join his family on days out and about.

He really is a smashing little boy who will bring a lot of joy to his new family.

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