Jess – Now Adopted

Jess is an ‘I will do things in my own time on my own terms’ kind of girl. She is a slow walker and isn’t keen if other dogs rush up into her space and she will tell them off. She loves her food and does have a playful side but its quite short and then she takes herself off for a rest. She will come to have strokes but she doesn’t like a lot of fuss.

Dogs name:  Jess

Age:  6 years

Can live with children:  Yes see comments

Can live with dogs:  Yes – a very passive dog

Can live with cats:  Probably

Current location:  Redditch, West Midlands

Things to be aware of: 

Jess can still have the odd accident at home during the day so her new family will need to make sure she goes out regularly and gets lots of praise. Her foster mum puts puppy pads down at night and she has usually used them by the morning.

She is scared of loud music and people shouting and she won’t go out in the dark.

Any dog in the home would need to be super chilled out and laid back as she can be possessive over toys and food and she has been prone to ear infections so they will need to be cleaned very regularly.

 The ideal home: 

She prefers a quiet home where she can have a little mooch about at her own pace and not be fussed too much.

Jess isn’t a dog that particularly likes to interact with children so if there are children in the family, we would say dog savvy children aged 10 years or above or children aged 12 years and over.

Other comments: 

She is a sweet girl who was very shy when she first came into foster; and her foster mum describes her as a darling of a dog.

And although she isn’t super cuddly, she does like human contact, and she will follow her foster mum around.

Jess is a happy traveller in the car and she is neutered

Jess’s adoption donation fee is £300 and will need to be paid in full prior to her going home which will also be subject to a home check.? PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE APPLYING ?

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