Junior – In Foster – North East

Please welcome Junior into the fold of GBSR UK, Junior has come from the same home as #Crystal

Junior is 4 years old, un-neutered, and he came into foster earlier this week with sickness & diarrhoea.

We think he might have been living outside as he was filthy rotten and smelt horrendous.

Junior has a couple of lumps on his chest that he isn’t keen in being touched and he has sore back paws. He also has a terrible wry jaw (like Crystal) due to bad breeding which means his food literally falls out of the side of his mouth, so Emma his FM is soaking his kibble and hand feeding him small balls of food.

He has now been bathed and cleaned up and we can see there are old scars under his chin, but he will have a thorough check early next week with the vet.

Junior came into foster with nothing, so we have an Amazon wish list for this boy.

Welcome to GBSR Junior, we are looking forward to following your Springboard journey.

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