Lexi – In Foster

Welcome Lexi.

Lexi is a 2 year old entire female. We were approached to help this poor little girl by some wonderful ladies who had been notified that she required rehoming.

Lexi was gifted to a couple after doing a job for her owner. The previous owner had tried to breed her twice but both times she had failed. She was kept as a kennel dog and had lacked medical attention. The couple who were gifted her realised they couldn’t provide the care she required so selflessly sought help for her.

Lexi is now in foster with Lisa Williams and her family. She has settling well considering her history. She has captured her foster family’s hearts with her beautiful nature, she is just an absolute sweetheart.

Lexi has already visited our vet due to her poor condition. She has a multitude of medical issues which need addressing, the biggest one that she has a blockage the size of a butternut squash. We were trying a conservative method and hoped she’d pass this naturally but this morning Lexi was unable to pass any faeces and was distressed. Lexi is at the vets as we speak having this removed, we are obviously very concerned about our girl.

She also has infected ears, cherry eye and skin allergies. She may also have issues with her breathing.

Lexi will need a period of assessment to determine what kind of forever home he will require.

Welcome to GBSR UK Lexi! We cannot wait to share your journey