Lyla – Now Adopted!


LYLA is Home

We are very pleased to announce that our beautiful Lyla has found her happy ever after with Nikki, James their daughter Ruby and Dave the bulldog.

Lyla was collected by her very excited new family, who adored her the moment they set eyes on her.

However when Lyla first met Dave it wasn’t love at first sight, so Nikki contacted us for advice to nip the spats in the bud.

And after following our advice and just a short 48hrs later, and love is in the air for Dave and Lyla.

The pair of them are a lot more accepting of each other and they have the beginning of pawsome relationship with Lyla giving Dave a wash whilst posing for a selfie.

Please join us in congratulating Nikki, James and Ruby on their gorgeous girl.

To our dear Lyla have a fabulous new life sweetheart and be please go easy with Dave.

We are looking forward to seeing all your new adventures together.

Be happy!


Huge thank you to Lyla’s amazing foster dad Wayne, who has done a fabulous job caring and preparing Lyla for her forever home. Thank you so much Wayne, we are forever grateful for all you do.

A little of Lyla’s story below,

Lyla is a lovely girl who is playful with bags of character. She lives with ‘Babs the Pug’ in her foster home, and they are both strong willed, so any playtime is supervised. Lyla loves Babs and they will snuggle up together for snoozes.

Lyla is very affectionate and will seek out any human for company and will follow her foster dad everywhere. And if she is ignored, she will sometimes jump up to make sure you know she is there.

She loves her walks and she is excited to meet other dogs when out.

Whilst she can be stubborn and ‘Queen of Sulks’ she does understand commands such as Sit, Paw, Wait, Down /Off (Sofa) … but in typical Bulldog style she sometimes decides if she will comply.

Dogs name: Lyla

Age:  3 years 10 months

Can live with children: Yes

Can live with dogs: Yes

Can live with cats:  Untested

Current location:  Wigan, Greater Manchester


Like many Bulldogs, Lyla thinks she is a lap dog as she just loves to be close to her humans. She will live with another dog but there needs to be supervision over toys and over feeding times, and ideally, they would be fed separately.

Lyla initially displayed her anxiety in a new home by trying to hump Babs which has stopped but she may regress a little in her new home if there is a resident dog.

Lyla is crate trained, travels well and will make a lovely and very loving family pet.