Mavis – In Foster- North East

Please say hello and welcome to Mavis

Mavis is a 4-year-old un-spayed bitch.

We were contacted by her owner to rehome her after a relationship breakdown a year ago as she was struggling to manage.

A big thank you to Jo for collecting Mavis and keeping her in foster with Nala in the North East. 

Unfortunately, on collection we found Mavis has a horrendous Flea infestation, she is literally crawling alive. Her skin is red raw with scratching, itching, and biting. Her feet are nearly bald, and she has open sores on her pads that look like urine burns possibly flea bites. Jo bathed her immediately and soothed her skin and applied flea treatment.

Her nose rope and ears are badly infected. She has allowed her foster mum to gently clean her up and her little tail has never stopped wagging. (GBSR) Nala Jo’s Bulldog has become mum and is being so gentle and affectionate with her but unfortunately, she now has fleas too. Poor Jo has de-infested the car the dogs and her home.

Mavis is seeing our vet tomorrow to deal with her other issues as her back legs are weak and she has a strange walk which could be lack of muscle, or hip dysplasia.

When she is ready for her forever home her adoption Poster will be shared, so please keep your eyes peeled for more Mavis updates on our rescue group.

Welcome to your GBSR Family Mavis! We cannot wait to share the next chapter of your life with you!

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