Max – Now Adopted!

Max is home!

We are very pleased to announce that marvellous Max has gone home!

As many of you know poor Max hasn’t had the easiest of time after his first adoption failed. So to announce this gives us so much pride in our little charity and the hard work of our incredible fosters and adoption team who never gave up hope in finding Max his happily ever after.

Max joined his new family, Gillian and her daughter Alex and their 5-year-old Jack Russel girl Taro in Bonnie Scotland.

Introductions to Taro have been taken very slowly and so far, all is going well. Max has had a settled first night and has been enjoying all the glorious sunshine today Both Gillian and Alex are fully committed to continuing all his training and are prepared to work with a dog trainer if required.

So please join us in congratulating Gillian and Alex on their handsome new addition Marvellous Max.

We wish you a lifetime of happiness together and look forward to sharing the next chapter of your life with you.

Thank you so much to foster parents Ian and Matthew for being amazing preparing Max for his new home. You have both worked wonders with Max. Thank you for understanding his quirkiness, for your patience and for all the training to get Max to where he is today. We are very grateful to you both as always.

A little of Max’s story below,

What can we say about our beautiful Max? Max came to GBSR with his brother Paddy. He had been kept crated for most of the day, no training at all for the majority of his short life. He was adopted but returned to our care as his new family didn’t continue with his training and reverted to keeping him in a crate, causing Max to regress. As you can imagine this hasn’t helped Max grow into a well-adjusted bulldog. Max is a wonderfully sweet and affectionate boy, he is vocal and funny and so cheeky that you just cant help yourself falling in love with him. He is a little quirky and has the most amazing character.

Dogs name: Max

Age:18 months

Can live with children: Older dog savvy children.

Can live with dogs: Possibly calm laid back spayed/neutered dogs.

Can live with cats: Not tested.

Current location: Barnsley, South Yorkshire.   


Things to be aware of: Max had cherry eye surgery, unfortunately he had to have his tear gland removed, so he needs lubrication drops to prevent dry eye. Poor Max is reactive outside of the home and suffers separation anxiety.  Max is responding very well to the training his foster family have implemented. He continues to improve almost daily. This would have to continue into his new home. Any potential family would need to be dedicated to training and to do what is best for Max, to give him the life he deserves. Because of Max’s big bouncy nature any young children must be supervised as he could possibly knock them over. Any dog in the home must be accepting of another dog coming into the home.

 The ideal home: Max needs an active family home with older dog savvy children. One he can be included in day-to-day activities. He needs a family that can dedicate the time and patience to his training to help him reach his full potential. A calm laid back dog to keep him company and reduce his anxiety would do him the world of good. Most importantly Max needs a home and family willing and able to put in the time he needs, and be completely understanding that Max success wont be over night.

 Other comments: Max coming back into our care was devastating for him. That he came back into our care needing more support. Max stole our hearts the moment he came to GBSR, his chatty personality like he is arguing back. That quirky face of his and how he looks at you. Truly the most amazing Bulldog personality. Max is still so young, and he deserves a loving family, that is willing to put in some hard work, to help him regain his confidence and overcome his reactivity.   

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