Meko – Now Adopted!

Meko is Home!

We are very pleased to announce Meko has gone home

Meko was collected by his new mum and dad, Jack and Amy. They couldn’t be more thrilled with their little boy.

Meko took no time sniffing out his new home and enjoying lots of love and snuggles from his new family. He took no time training his new servants and now has Mum and Dad firmly under his paw.

Please join us in congratulating Amy and Jack on their gorgeous new addition Meko

We wish you a lifetime of endless fun and happiness together and look forward to sharing the next chapter of your life with you.

Be happy beautiful boy xx

Thank you to Meko’s foster mum Jo for preparing Meko for his forever home. We know this was a bittersweet moment for you and goodbyes are very hard but please take comfort in knowing you have been fantastic caring for Meko Thank you so much and we are all very grateful to you

A little of Meko’s story below,

We were contacted by a lady on behalf of her friend who needed help with his dogs after he had become homeless. You will notice this is a similar post to Mozzy this is because they are from the same home and Meko will also require medical treatment. Both these dogs are a result of badly bred dog

Loveable, lively, playful, outgoing, friendly & smart, these describe Meko to a T. He lives with 2 smaller dogs with no problems over toys or food and he is learning how to be a family dog from them.

Meko understands commands although recall usually involves a treat for encouragement and he is good with other dogs on his walks.

Dogs name: Meko

Age:  3 Years, 2 months

Can live with children: Yes, aged 12 years and over

Can live with dogs: Yes

Can live with cats:  No

Current location:  Gloucester, Gloucestershire

Things to be aware of: 

Meko is a thief; he will take anything he know he shouldn’t have and then doesn’t want to give it up.

This happens every few days and is getting less. His foster family manage him by keeping a collar on him which they use to pull him away from the item as he will lunge if you try and remove it from in front of him. Meko’s Foster Mum explains he needs clear, calm, and consistent reinforcement.

He sleeps in a crate overnight and will have the odd accident.

The ideal home: 

It would be fabulous for Meko to have an equally friendly dog in the home, robust enough for lots of bundles and playtime.

Meko has decompressed beautifully over the past few weeks in the calm environment of his foster home so a similar home will be perfect for him. He hasn’t been around children since being in foster, so we are stipulating any children in the home need to be aged 12 years and over. Any visiting children will need to be supervised.

He enjoys being in a garden and regular walks so this is essential in his new home.

Other comments: 

Meko’s life up to now hasn’t been the typical loving home. He is a fabulous little lad who is a product of his previous unstable environment. He came into foster stressed and scared and still ducks when a hand is near his head or when he hears a chain lead, but he has thrived in a calm environment, blossomed in fact.

He still needs to learn some manners, jumping up at people or the counter when prepping food needs to be addressed but his behaviour is changing almost daily, he is smart, and he will learn the rules in his new home. The thieving is becoming less and less and his foster mum shows disinterest in what he has taken and he then loses interest, its all a big game for this cheeky lad.

He needs a firm owner who will help Meko understand what’s right and what’s not with positive re-enforcement

Meko isn’t used to travelling so we are looking for a home close to his current location and he will need a passenger in the car with him.