Milo – In Foster

Welcome Milo

Milo is a 2 year old entire male. We were contacted by his family as they were desperate for help. Their family circumstances had changed and they felt unable to give Milo the care he required. He also has a skin complaint which they were struggling to get on top of. 

Due to covid 19 we weighed up the risk and had the perfect foster family willing to take him. The guidelines for social distancing was fully adhered to.

Milo is now in foster with Rachel Davies. He is settling well. He is loving toys and has managed to severely maim a kong toy. He has an issue with the harness but once on he enjoys a walk. 

Milo has been vet checked and  treatment was started immediately for his wet dermatitis, his eye ulcer and his yeast infection. Milo also has Entropian and Diamond eye so once we are on top of his infections we will look to have him neutered and treat his other conditions.

Milo will need a period of assessment to determine what kind of forever home he will require.

Welcome to GBSR UK Milo! We cannot wait to share your journey