Milo – Now Adopted

Milo is described by his foster mum as loving and gentle. He has the ability to make everyone smile who he comes into contact with and has an infectious spirit.
He is however very much still a big puppy who requires firm boundaries and needs a strong leader.
Milo walks well on a harness and lead and doesn’t tend to pull unless he sees something new and exciting! Cars, buses, people and dogs all come under Milos exciting bracket!!!
He hasn’t lived with another dog in foster but has been well socialised and enjoys the company of furry friends. He walks well with them on walks.
Milo has been practicing his recall on a long training lead but this still requires ongoing training going forward.
Milo is a clever boy and responds well to treat training, he can sit, wait and responds to a firm ‘ah’ command if he needs discipline.
Milo loves to be cleaned and groomed and has no issues having his baths.
Milo loves toys and he particularly enjoys sucking on a soft toy or chewing on a stag horn.
Dogs name: Milo

Age: 2

Can live with children: Yes but need to be dog savvy.

Can live with dogs: Yes – Laid back dog.

Can live with cats: untested but has seemed uninterested when met them.

Current location: North East (Newcastle upon Tyne)

Things to be aware of:

Milo is a very excitable and loves nothing more than toys but he is quite possessive. His foster mum has been working on this but the training needs to continue. Milo can snatch toys and during rough play he can become mouthy which needs awareness.
Milo is extremely excited by footballs and needs extra care if walking and there are some around.
When milo does get excited he can nibble hands and feet, this requires correction and training.
Milo has ongoing skin issues and has had eye surgery. His skin requires ongoing care, including baths and creams and he requires a hypoallergenic food.

The ideal home:

Milo is still very puppy like at 2 years old and has so much love to share with the right family. He will however need continued training and a family that have time and commitment.
Milo is a young dog and can get over excited so with this in mind we are rehoming him with dog savvy children so they will have a better understanding of how to keep him calm when he’s getting over excited and playful.
Milo can be homed with other dogs but there must be an awareness of his toy possessiveness. He can be overexcitable and hasn’t lived with a dog in foster but has had regular contact with various furry friends.

Other comments:

Milo has been a pleasure in foster and will bring so much joy to the right family’s life. He doesn’t require crating when left in the home.

Milo is toilet trained and travels well, we will consider a new home for him up to 4 hours from his current location in Newcastle upon Tyne.

If you have any questions, please ask Rachel Davies foster mum to Milo.

Milo’s adoption fee is £400 and will need to be paid in full prior to going home which will also be subject to a home check.


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