Minnie – Now Adopted

Minnie is such an amazing girl who is very well behaved. She is described as comical by her foster mum and she most certainly likes to be heard with her vocal talents!
She isn’t overly cuddly, but she does like being stroked and loves a good old butt scratch!
She walks well on her lead and harness. She is mostly very friendly to other dogs while she is out walking but can try and be dominant on occasion. Minnie has great recall while out walking and comes when called.
Minnie can follow commands such as sit, wait, leave, get down, no and stop.
Minnie loves to play and is becoming more active as she loses weight. She loves toys and has a particular liking for balls… ball mad!!
Minnie has no issues with her cleaning routine at all and will come to you when told.
Dogs Name: Minnie

Age: 5 Years old

Can live with children: Yes, 6 years and over.

Can live with dogs: No needs to be an only dog

Can live with cats: Minnie has previously lived with cats

Current location: North West (Glossop)

Things to be Aware of:

Minnie has allergies, she is on a raw diet which is working well for her. She needs to continue this and we can advise further.
Minnie is currently very overweight and needs to maintain a strict diet. She needs gentle exercise for now and this can be increased as she becomes lighter and more active.
Minnie has a tight tail so her tail pocket requires cleaning regularly. Her ears can become dirty and irritated if her diet is changed hence why raw needs to continue.
Minnie needs to be an only dog in the home as she is reactive.
Minnie loves balls to play with and can get overexcited and jump up to try and take it off you, so care needs to be taken.

The Ideal Family:

Minnie is such a character and can give an amazing stink eye if she feels that way out!!
She is the most lovable, funny girl who has so much to add to a family.
Minnie is playful and is becoming an increasingly active girl. Her new home will need to commit to walking Minnie and aiding her weight loss.
Minnie can get over excited when she sees her favourite balls so with this in mind we are rehoming her with children over 6 as they will have a better understanding of how to keep her calm when she’s getting over excited and playful .

Other comments:

Minnie has settled back in foster very well, she can be a typical stubborn bully and if she chooses not to move then she will not be persuaded! She needs to continue to lose weight and be as active as her weight allows.

Minnie is toilet trained. She is spayed and up to date with her vaccinations and travels well so we will consider a new home up to 4 hours from her current location in Glossop.

If you have any questions, please ask Bekki Johnson, Minnie’s foster mum

Minnies adoption fee is £300 and will need to be paid in full prior to her going home which will also be subject to a home check.


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