Sawyer – Now Adopted

Sawyer is described by his foster family as big, boisterous and energetic. He is also the sweetest and most loving boy who absolutely adores cuddles, strokes and kisses.
Sawyer is walked on a harness and training lead as he is an excitable boy who requires control. His lead attaches to both his harness and collar.
Without distraction sawyer can walk well on a loose lead. He can pull when he sees other dogs and requires continued training. He can walk in a pack but this is an area that requires work due to excitement.
Sawyer needs training with his recall as he can be easily distracted and can run a muck!
Sawyer can follow basic commands if you remain calm and there is little else going on.
Sawyer is just a massive puppy and loves to play with toys and shows no possessiveness.
Sawyer is not a fan of his bath and cares but like any man he tolerates them bravely!Dogs name: Sawyer

Age: 1 year old

Can live with children: Yes – Dog savvy children

Can live with dogs: Yes

Can live with cats: Untested but will probably chase.

Current location: South West (Calne)

Things to be aware of:

Sawyer is a very excitable young man and he needs to learn to harness that excitement. He requires a home with firm boundaries, lots of time for additional training and lots of love and kisses!
Sawyer has had his cherry eye stitched while with us. Sawyer will need further surgery on his eyes in the near future and this will need to be done at our preferred vet in Birmingham. The charity will cover the cost of this surgery.
Sawyer is obsessed by balls and needs to be distracted to remove it so care needs to be taken.
Rough play has not been encouraged as sawyer is already excitable.

The ideal home:

Sawyer is a big, beautiful boy who would do well with an active family who are committed to continue training. He can be calm and loving and not just a ball of excitement!
Sawyer is a big boy and can get over excited so with this in mind we are rehoming him with dog savvy children so they will have a better understanding of how to keep him calm when he’s getting over excited and playful.
Sawyer can be homed with other dogs but they must be neutered. He can be overexcitable and hasn’t lived with a dog in foster but has had regular contact with various furry friends.

Other comments:

Sawyer has been so lovable in foster. He hasn’t required a cage in foster as he broke free!

Sawyer is not fully toilet trained, he is still
quite young and can cock his leg on furniture. He travels well, we will consider a new home for him up to 4 hours from his current location in Calne.

As Sawyer is being rehomed unneutered, we will arrange for his operation and pay for this. It will be a condition of the adoption contract that this is completed by the new owner at a vet of our choice.

If you have any questions, please ask Dora Snell personal assistant to Sawyer.

Sawyer’s adoption fee is £400 and will need to be paid in full prior to going home which will also be subject to a home check.


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