Minnie – Now Adopted!

Minnie is Home!

It is with the greatest of pleasure that we can announce our lovely Big Minnie Min Mins home, another foster fail but aren’t they the best kind!

As you will all be aware we have tried very hard to get Minnie home but the reality is with being an older girl at 7 years of age we were very sadly struggling. So when her foster family asked to adopt her, who were we to say no?

We are thrilled to say Minnie has blossomed with lots of patience from her foster family and Banksy the resident dog. To be honest we think it was clear from the beginning how much she loved her new family, and vice versa.

Please join us in congratulating Jemma, Ryan and their family on their beautiful girl Minnie.

All of us here at Geordie Bullies wish you so much happiness and we can’t wait to see Minnie’s continued progress. Be happy baby girl.

A little of Minnie’s story below,

Minnie is an adorable and reserved lady. She is quite independent and will seek out human interaction on her terms. She is not a playful dog, preferring a comfy warm bed to spend her day relaxing in. She is not as stubborn as much of the breed and has no food aggression. Whilst she currently lives with the resident dog and can be attention possessive. She is a dog that much prefers her own space.

Dogs name: Minnie

Age: 7 years old.

Can live with children: Yes

Can live with dogs: Yes, laid back dogs

Can live with cats: Untested. 

Current location: Caerphilly, South Wales

Things to be aware of: 

Minnie comes from living as part of a large pack, which she didn’t cope well with, she is clearly conscious of hierarchy and can be nervous of overstepping boundaries. This caused issues in her previous home when all dogs were left unattended at night. Minnie enjoys a walk and can become boisterous and bouncy in excitement when she sees her collar and harness, but walks very well. And walks well as part of a pair, is confident when meeting other dogs although this can sometimes be intimidating to other dogs. Minnie has some skin tags that will need to be monitored closely, with regular checks with a vet.

The ideal home:

Minnie needs a calm home, where she can spend her days enjoying the company of her humans, long walks and new experiences. She could live with a laid back dog, that is happy for her to be the Queen Bee she is. Minnie will need her own space i.e. her own crate or room when being left unattended during the day and night. Any young children will need to be supervised and understand that Minnie needs her own space and quite time, also that she does become excitable and boisterous at times.

 Other comments: 

Minnie has stolen the hearts of all of us here at GBSR, she really is a beautifully laid back girl. We have no doubt that she will thrive in the right home.