Mozzy – Now Adopted!

Mozzy is Home!

We are over the moon to announce that Mozzy is home.

He was collected by his forever family, Michael, Tracey, their children and not forgetting  Belle, Mozzy’s new fur sister and BFF.

Huge congratulations to Michael and Tracey and all the family, enjoy your gorgeous boy. We all wish you many years of love and happiness together.

To Mozzy, now all your new adventures begin. Have the best life little man, we can’t wait to share the next chapter of your new life.

Be happy forever sweet boy x

A massive thank you to Bev Thomas and Paul on yet another amazing foster. Thank you for caring for Mozzy and helping to prepare him for his new home. We are forever grateful to you x


A little of Mozzy’s story below,

Mozzy is an adorable, submissive young Bulldog who is very laid back and takes life in his stride which is generally a slow plod.

He loves all attention and will happily be stroked and cuddled. His favourite toys are the chew types, coffee sticks, antlers etc.

He enjoys his walks but 30 mins twice a day is enough for him, He has no issues meeting dogs outside the home but definitely prefers walking with Bonnie, the resident Bulldog as she provides him with confidence.

Dogs name: Mozzy

Age:  1 Year 5 months  

Can live with children: Yes

Can live with dogs: Yes, friendly female dog

Can live with cats:  Untested

Current location:  Reading, Berkshire

Things to be aware of: 

Mozzy is fed separately because the previous owner mentioned there was food aggression, but his nature doesn’t suggest this. We would advise this is continued in the new home if there is a resident dog, and then it can possibly be discontinued.

Mozzy has had a few accidents in the home. He prefers to do his business in the garden and sometimes forgets to ask to go out. He hasn’t been in foster long and is something that can be easily worked on in a new home with a routine.

Mozzy enjoys the security of a crate which is used at bedtime and when his foster family have to go out so he will need the same setup in his new home.

The ideal home: 

Mozzy will fit into any home really, ideally with a friendly female dog for companionship and with a garden where he can mooch about and play.

He is untested with children although he hasn’t been disturbed by the cries and noises from the 6-month-old baby in the foster home and has been very gentle around her.

Mozzy is a big lad and quite clumsy and could knock a young child over, so discretion is advised and obviously young children supervised.

Other comments: 

Mozzy has been amazing in foster and his foster family love him. He has really enjoyed having another playful dog for companionship and ideally, he will have a new friendly playmate in his forever home.

He will never be a long-distance walker; he is too laid back for that so access to a garden is a must, so he gets exercise.

His current foster home is calm and this suits his nature so a similar home will be better for him.

This little lad can become anxious travelling so we will consider a new home up to 2 hours from his current location.